First appointment taken care of

Today I had my first appointment with the OB who I’ll be seeing throughout the pregnancy.  I was nervous going into it, because I didn’t know what to expect, how well we’d mesh, if I’d feel comfortable with her.  It turned out she was amazing and I feel like she’ll provide a great level of care.  She made it sound like if a c-section is necessary, OK, we’ll have to go that route, but there’s no reason to assume it has to be that way.  I felt comfortable with her approach for sure. 

She does like to do an epidural automatically with multiples, mainly because even if you are able to birth Baby A vaginally, sometimes it happens that you need an emergency c-section to get Baby B out.  Both babies could be in the right position for delivery, but once A is out of there, B has room to move around and sometimes they’ll turn and be breech.  If they can, they’ll reach up in there and try to reposition the baby for vaginal delivery, but she said you really don’t want that to be done without medication!  I have to think on it, as I don’t like the idea of automatically getting an epidural.  I worry that it will prolong the labour since I won’t have the same natural inklings for pushing and whatnot.  It sounds insane and IS insane to some degree, but I feel like I could do it all without.  But only time will tell and I realize I don’t know what’s going to happen, so we have to just wait and see what our scenario is.

My only real concern with this doctor is that she only delivers at BC Women’s, and if I want to go to a closer hospital (Burnaby General), I have to get a new OB.  She’ll refer me to someone she knows, but…I just felt really good about her, and what BC Women’s can provide over other hospitals.  There’s no comparison really.  Especially with the possibility of the twins being early.  I just worry about being able to get there in time, that’s really my only issue, because with traffic it could take an hour to get there, and with my labour being relatively short with Andrew, I don’t know how much time I’ll have.  In the worst case, though, I can always get an ambulance, and then I’d at least know that I’m in good care should anything suddenly happen!  I don’t want James helping me deliver our twins on the road side.  LOL

I’m now going to have to process everything from the appointment and decide whether or not I still want to also have a midwife.  I was adamant that I wanted both before this appointment, but now I’m not so sure.  I see the OB every 4 weeks (more later in pregnancy) and have an u/s every 4 weeks (more later in pregnancy).  She spent a good portion of time with me and I didn’t feel the least bit rushed.  So I’m wondering if it might be best to NOT have a midwife too.  Ultimately, I was told the midwife would not be allowed in the room with me during delivery.  So why bother?  She wouldn’t really be able to do much, other than offer extra appointments.  I don’t want any extra appointments at this time!  It’s ridiculous, but seriously ONE appointment in a day and I am so exhausted and can’t do much of anything else.  Plus I always have to find someone to look after Andrew for me when I’m having an appointment.  I think I’ve mostly made up my mind that I will cancel my first midwife appointment next week, but I’ll think about it over the weekend.  I had liked the idea of the after care they provide for the first 6 weeks, but the OB said I’ll stay in the hospital several days with the twins because they really want to help with breastfeeding getting going, since with twins it’s that much more complicated to get into a routine.  So I feel like I’ll be provided with after care anyway, and ultimately having already had a child, I do have a pretty good idea of what I’ll be going through postpartum, so maybe I don’t need the same care as I did with my first experience.

So much to think about!  So much happening!  Craziness!  But I’m so happy that things have been working out well and that I’m feeling good about where this is going.  Now to enjoy a long weekend alone just me and my husband, this week just keeps getting better!


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