Dancing babies

Last night when I went to bed, I tried to put as much focus as I could on the babies.  Within a couple of minutes, I could feel rolling around sensations and I knew it was the babies moving around.  I’ve read that babies tend to be more active when Momma’s sleeping, or laying down, because there isn’t any movement happening to lull them to sleep.  They definitely were being active!  I can’t necessarily say at this point that I can actually tell there are two in there, not in the sense that there are distinct movements coming from each one.  It’s too early for that, but it’s cool to be feeling some somersault type feelings this early on.  Usually it would be many more weeks before feeling anything.

Which I also find weird – I mean, think about it, there are two babies in my uterus that are each about 10 centimetres long.  So 20cm of baby in there!  That’s quite a lot when you think about it, so you’d think you’d feel so much more than you actually do at this stage.  I realize there’s a lot of fluid, and that they haven’t fully filled out their sacs yet, so they’re well cushioned and insulated.  But still…The whole process of their growth fascinates me.

I was a bit worried tonight because earlier this evening Andrew was doing some acrobatics while jumping from one cushion to another and sort of fell into my lap and ended up landing RIGHT where the babies are.  He didn’t mean to do it, and was upset seeing that it hurt me and that it was right on the babies.  He was about to cry but I told him I knew he didn’t mean to so I wasn’t mad, that he just has to remember to be extra careful of Mommy’s belly.  I decided to listen on the Doppler tonight just for peace of mind sake, and I could not only hear both heartbeats, but I could hear both babies movements.  It’s so funny how they karate chop the Doppler.  I love imagining what their cute little selves actually look like in there.  Adorable!


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