Cuteness factor

I don’t remember pre-knowledge that I’m pregnant with twins what my stance was on the whole ‘dressing twins alike’ issue.  I honestly never thought I would have twins, so I don’t think I gave it a whole lot of thought.  But I can honestly say, I can’t lie about it – whether we have 2 girls, 2 boys, or a boy and a girl, our twins are going to have plenty of matching outfits!  No, I don’t mean I’d put a boy in a dress if we also have a girl, but you can still get cute match-y outfits for boy/girl twins!

I just don’t think I’ll be able to help myself – it’s way too cute to NOT dress them alike!  Which is not to say I would ALWAYS do it, and it’s also not to say that I won’t recognize their individuality as they get older.  I totally get that they are going to have completely separate likes and dislikes and I know from my own personal experience how important it is to allow a child to express themselves through clothing, even at a relatively young age (within reason, of course). 

I was perusing Etsy tonight for ‘twins’ and I found so many cute onesies and outfits and THINGS for twins that I’ve added to my Favourites.  I don’t want to buy anything till we know the sexes, and I also don’t want to go crazy buying stuff right now anyway.  But I’d definitely like to get a few cute match-y things for when they’re newborns.  How CUTE are they going to be?!!

(I feel like I’m not being inclusive of Andrew here…and that’s a post for another time, but…I don’t want to go all ga-ga over the twins and make Andrew feel somehow less significant because he’s not a twin or getting the attention the twins get or any of those types of things.  I want to make sure Andrew feels included.  As it is, I can’t imagine doling out the love and attention on other people that I give to him on a daily basis.  I struggle sometimes when I think about the logistics, and how time will have to be divvied up, and how I’ll manage to get one on one time with him...Obviously it will be hard in the beginning to work out a system that works for everyone, but I know it will have a way of working out, and obviously I would never, ever do anything to neglect Andrew, even though I know how demanding the twins will be.

So much to think about…But for now I’ll just dream about how much fun dress up is going to be!


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