The boy's sick day

Yesterday morning I woke up hearing Andrew having what sounded like a mini tantrum in the living room.  James was up with him, so I just figured he was annoyed about something, no big deal.  I got up and realized it was so much more – he was sick =(  Andrew was sick ONE other time in his entire life, and that was about a year ago, maybe a bit more.  That time he threw up twice I think, whereas this time he threw up about 6 times in a row, then more a few hours later. 

I got up as James was carrying him to the bathroom for a tubby.  Finding out what was going on, I quickly ran the bath and got him into it.  He was so sad and pathetic, because he’s NEVER sick, other than the odd common cold he has literally never felt under the weather like that.  So it was awful seeing him not well.  Apparently right after he threw up all over the couch he said quickly to James, ‘I’m OK!  I’m OK!’  Awwww!  He was having his bath, just staring down at the water all sad and said, ‘I can’t play with my toys.’  James asked him why not and he said, ‘Because, I’m too sick.  I can’t do it.’  Poor little guy!

Usually by 10 in the morning Andrew is bouncing off the walls and has been for several hours already.  Even if he’s watching a show he’s jabbering away.  But on Saturday he was so lethargic, he just asked me to read him some books and he fell asleep halfway through the first one.  Then he woke up again and asked for more reading (I’m liking that he’s back into wanting to read constantly, rather than watch too much tv) and fell asleep quickly once again.

Our original plan was that I was going to go to the Saturday market with my mom and Andrew was going to go with us.  James was going to stay home.  I didn’t want to leave Andrew since he was sick, but he was sleeping and James said I should still go to the market, so I did.  I got some yummy brie cheese (yes I know you’re not supposed to eat soft cheese during pregnancy, but I did with Andrew and he turned out just fine!), a baguette to go with it, a delicious chocolate zucchini loaf which I get every year several times because it’s soooooo yummy, and 2 types of olives.  Then my mom and I came back to our place to check in on the boy. 

He was awake, but still very lethargic.  He said he was thirsty so I gave him some Sprite (we didn’t have Gingerale so it’s it’s the next best thing!) and after a few sips he threw up all over himself, and both the blankets on the couch.  I carried him to the bathroom for another tubby, and he put his hands up in that expressive way he has and said, ‘I didn’t throw up on my face this time!’  We thought it was funny since he threw up all over everything else, but he seemed pleased to have avoided it getting on his face!  He had another bath and got set up on the couch with some fresh blankets, and before long he was asleep again.  Andrew NEVER sleeps during the day, or if he does it’s a rarity.  It was SO hard seeing him not being his usual self at all.

After an hour or so my mom and I went back out because I wanted to return something to the maternity shop and look for a bathing suit, which I ended up getting, as well as a top and another outfit.  Everything was on sale so I couldn’t resist!  Then we stopped by the mall and picked up a Julius for Andrew.  It’s a tradition in my family – my brother and I always got a Julius if we were sick, and James and I agreed we wanted to carry this tradition on with our kids!  So Andrew had some of that when we got home, and he was able to keep it down.  In fact, he seemed to be feeling much more himself.  His eyes still seemed a bit heavy, but he was moving around and chattering away and even bossed my mom a little, which is so much more like his usual!  It was a huge relief to see him feeling better.

After a visit with both my parents (my dad came over a little later to see how Andrew was doing), he ended up napping again for at least an hour.  But he ate 2 bowls of lentil soup and had some water and some Julius, so it was good to see him getting some nourishment.  He ended up having me read several books over and over…and over again, and didn’t go to bed till about 10pm.  But by that time he was feeling just about back to normal.  He woke up around midnight and was VERY clingy with me, so I ended up putting his mattress on the living room rug, and we slept in the living room together last night.  Not something I’d normally do, I didn’t sleep very well myself, but I wanted to be close to him given what a rough day he’d had.  I really noticed  that he was much more cuddly and clingy with me than his usual lately.  He can be cuddly, but not quite like he was as a baby because he’s so busy doing things and doesn’t usually like me to ‘baby’ him too much.  But it was a treat to have all the extra cuddles yesterday, I just wish it had been under better circumstances!

It really made us appreciate how Andrew usually is so healthy and so happy.  Even though it can be (no, just plain IS!) exhausting dealing with his insane amount of energy on a normal day, I’ll take that over that lethargy and sickness he was dealing with yesterday.  I felt so bad for him, but thank goodness he bounced back quickly.


tristadawn said…
wow, only the second time he's sick! what a solid little immune system he's got. that's lovely!
so sad when the babies are sick :( :( the only good thing is they become more cuddly!

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