Appointment with the OB

I had my 2nd appointment with my OB today.  I was feeling nervous about it, even though it’s a tad ridiculous since I knew it wasn’t a ‘major’ appointment or anything.  I didn’t even have many questions for this time around, since I know it’s still pretty early to start discussing birth preferences, etc.  Maybe I was just nervous because I’ve only met with her once, and while my first impression was good, what if today I felt differently.

It went amazingly though, couldn’t have been better, actually.  My mom went with me because she wanted to meet the OB so she’d have a better sense of where I’m going for my appointments.  She was super nice once again, and same with the intern she had as her sidekick.  Basically the appointment went better than I could have hoped for, because she totally put my mind at ease about the birthing of twins.

I know there can still be complications, and it’s way too early to know how things are going to go throughout the whole pregnancy, or for that matter what kind of birth experience I am going to have.  But you hear so many horror stories from people, especially with access to so much information online.  My greatest fears, beyond having to have a c-section or not being able to breastfeed right away, are delivering the twins and having them whisked away to be checked or what have you without me even getting to see or hold them first.  But the OB told me that BC Women’s policy is that babies have skin to skin contact with mom immediately following birth, even if it’s a c-section.  Dad can also have skin to skin contact right away.  To me, that is so important, it kind of melted my heart a bit to know we’ll get that bonding time right away.  Also, breastfeeding is VERY encouraged, to the point that they even have you meet with a Lactation Consultant before and following the births.  The babies are in the same room as me 24/7, it sounds like regardless of the situation – the rooms are equipped that way.  Obviously if there was something serious going on, they might not be, but the chances are that we will be in the same room the entire time we’re in the hospital.  That really put my mind at ease, you have no idea.

I feel a little more relaxed now.  She also said that I CAN have a midwife with me during delivery if I want that, but I’m pretty sure I’m not going to call the midwives again because ultimately I WOULD have to start having regular appointments with them, too, and I just don’t think I want that.  She did recommend hiring a Doula, and my midwife from my pregnancy with Andrew said the same thing.  But I’m not sure…it’s pretty expensive, and I just don’t know…I think I need to give it more thought.  And perhaps talk to Trista about her thoughts on that =)

I just feel a sort of high after having that appointment, which is kind of weird I know, but I just get so keyed up about things because I want everything to go smoothly and I worry so much when it comes to my babies.  Right now I feel so at ease with everything, and that makes me happy.

Oh and I don’t know exactly how many pounds I’ve put on since the last appointment, but it’s quite a few!!!  I’m not really bothering counting it, because it is what it is, and no one has said there’s anything wrong with it.  I’m measuring at 19 weeks, so for 16 weeks that’s normal with carrying twins.  Although I look waaay bigger than 19 weeks!  LOL  It’s just that lying down and being measured, that’s where I’m at.


trista said…
for sure give it some thought and ask me anything. I know lots of doulas here who use a sliding scale. also I think most student doulas or brand new doulas charge nothing.. or vey little for parking expenses etc. I can do some searching and perhaps find someone in your area who may do this?! or perhaps if you have more questions let me know. email or call or whateve.. :)
I am sooo glad your appt went well. the OBGYn and hospital sound pretty awesome.. very motherbaby friendly .. which in my opinion is how they should be. ITs so important.. as you know.. to be comfortable with your care provider. :) <3

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