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Baby Beats

Appointment with the OB

I had my 2nd appointment with my OB today.  I was feeling nervous about it, even though it’s a tad ridiculous since I knew it wasn’t a ‘major’ appointment or anything.  I didn’t even have many questions for this time around, since I know it’s still pretty early to start discussing birth preferences, etc.  Maybe I was just nervous because I’ve only met with her once, and while my first impression was good, what if today I felt differently.
It went amazingly though, couldn’t have been better, actually.  My mom went with me because she wanted to meet the OB so she’d have a better sense of where I’m going for my appointments.  She was super nice once again, and same with the intern she had as her sidekick.  Basically the appointment went better than I could have hoped for, because she totally put my mind at ease about the birthing of twins.
I know there can still be complications, and it’s way too early to know how things are going to go throughout the whole pregnancy, or for that matter wh…

Where's my remote control

Several days ago, James taught Andrew how to use one of the remotes for his shows.  Specifically, the remote that works for our Apple TV.  Most of Andrew’s shows are on there – movies and TV shows.  Basically he was wanting to obsessively rewind and watch a 15 second clip from the Disney movie Hercules, and neither of us wanted to have to do the rewinding over and over for him, so James taught him how to do it himself.  I was fine with it in that I know how annoying it can be to be instructed to rewind to just the right point over and over, but I did say something along the lines of, ‘Oh, this is so going to open up a whole new can of worms.’
And was I ever right!
The next morning, Andrew came to wake me up pretty much at the exact minute that he normally does on weekday mornings.  Since early May, a new show started on the CBC kid’s lineup called Monster Math Squad.  It’s on from 7:30-7:42, and without fail I am told to ‘Get up!’ at 7:42 every weekday morning.  (Occasionally earlier, a…

Making the most of the day

Mommy's growing babies in her belly!

Andrew has really taken to photography.  He has his own 'kid' camera that he loves to use, but he's always happy when he can get his hands on mine.  He has snapped probably hundreds of photos, and there's a definite theme to the types of pictures he's after.  He takes stills of his favourite tv characters (much to my chagrin, since it means I'm forever pausing shows at 'just the right moment', which isn't always an easy task!), blurry up-close pictures of household items, and lots of pictures of 'The Babies.'  I often don't even know that he has taken a picture of me, but then lo and behold when I upload the pictures from my camera, there I am.  Or should I say, there THE BABIES are, since my head is generally cut right off!
 I think it's really sweet that he's interested in The Babies and wants to document them!  Let's face it, it's the only time I'm ever going to feel comfortable with him snapping pictures of my bel…

Gaining independence

Today I was bummed once again that the weather was so crappy.  It’s way too cold for the end of May, and rainy, and grey, and ANNOYING.  I had really hoped to take Andrew to the park today and have a little picnic, but when we woke up to rain I knew it wasn’t going to happen.
I wracked my brain for indoor activities that we could do, and I wasn’t really coming up with much.  Andrew actually suggested we go to the pool, which I thought was awesome of him to request, since before James and I took him a few weeks ago he freaked out if we even said the word ‘pool’ in front of him.  I explained to him that I loved the idea and really want us to go back, but that it would be best to go with Daddy too, or someone else, so that I’m not on my own in terms of getting us sorted etc.  It’s hard to explain it to Andrew sometimes, although I think he partially gets it – that because of the babies, I have to be careful with how much I do.  I just get tired so easily, and I don’t want that to happen i…

Last weekend in May


Sweet 16