Thursday, May 31, 2012

Baby Beats

I forgot to mention that the babies’ heart beats were 145 and 160.  Interestingly, the one that I think of as the more feisty one based on our last u/s and how he or she moves about when I use the Doppler, is the one with the slower heart beat.  It will be interesting to find out if we have a girl and a boy in there and that’s why we’re getting the different beats…or is it two of the same and one just breathes slower?!  I can hardly wait to find out…Just a little less than 4 weeks till we’ll know, that is - if they cooperate during the anatomy scan!

Appointment with the OB

I had my 2nd appointment with my OB today.  I was feeling nervous about it, even though it’s a tad ridiculous since I knew it wasn’t a ‘major’ appointment or anything.  I didn’t even have many questions for this time around, since I know it’s still pretty early to start discussing birth preferences, etc.  Maybe I was just nervous because I’ve only met with her once, and while my first impression was good, what if today I felt differently.

It went amazingly though, couldn’t have been better, actually.  My mom went with me because she wanted to meet the OB so she’d have a better sense of where I’m going for my appointments.  She was super nice once again, and same with the intern she had as her sidekick.  Basically the appointment went better than I could have hoped for, because she totally put my mind at ease about the birthing of twins.

I know there can still be complications, and it’s way too early to know how things are going to go throughout the whole pregnancy, or for that matter what kind of birth experience I am going to have.  But you hear so many horror stories from people, especially with access to so much information online.  My greatest fears, beyond having to have a c-section or not being able to breastfeed right away, are delivering the twins and having them whisked away to be checked or what have you without me even getting to see or hold them first.  But the OB told me that BC Women’s policy is that babies have skin to skin contact with mom immediately following birth, even if it’s a c-section.  Dad can also have skin to skin contact right away.  To me, that is so important, it kind of melted my heart a bit to know we’ll get that bonding time right away.  Also, breastfeeding is VERY encouraged, to the point that they even have you meet with a Lactation Consultant before and following the births.  The babies are in the same room as me 24/7, it sounds like regardless of the situation – the rooms are equipped that way.  Obviously if there was something serious going on, they might not be, but the chances are that we will be in the same room the entire time we’re in the hospital.  That really put my mind at ease, you have no idea.

I feel a little more relaxed now.  She also said that I CAN have a midwife with me during delivery if I want that, but I’m pretty sure I’m not going to call the midwives again because ultimately I WOULD have to start having regular appointments with them, too, and I just don’t think I want that.  She did recommend hiring a Doula, and my midwife from my pregnancy with Andrew said the same thing.  But I’m not sure…it’s pretty expensive, and I just don’t know…I think I need to give it more thought.  And perhaps talk to Trista about her thoughts on that =)

I just feel a sort of high after having that appointment, which is kind of weird I know, but I just get so keyed up about things because I want everything to go smoothly and I worry so much when it comes to my babies.  Right now I feel so at ease with everything, and that makes me happy.

Oh and I don’t know exactly how many pounds I’ve put on since the last appointment, but it’s quite a few!!!  I’m not really bothering counting it, because it is what it is, and no one has said there’s anything wrong with it.  I’m measuring at 19 weeks, so for 16 weeks that’s normal with carrying twins.  Although I look waaay bigger than 19 weeks!  LOL  It’s just that lying down and being measured, that’s where I’m at.

Where's my remote control

Several days ago, James taught Andrew how to use one of the remotes for his shows.  Specifically, the remote that works for our Apple TV.  Most of Andrew’s shows are on there – movies and TV shows.  Basically he was wanting to obsessively rewind and watch a 15 second clip from the Disney movie Hercules, and neither of us wanted to have to do the rewinding over and over for him, so James taught him how to do it himself.  I was fine with it in that I know how annoying it can be to be instructed to rewind to just the right point over and over, but I did say something along the lines of, ‘Oh, this is so going to open up a whole new can of worms.’

And was I ever right!

The next morning, Andrew came to wake me up pretty much at the exact minute that he normally does on weekday mornings.  Since early May, a new show started on the CBC kid’s lineup called Monster Math Squad.  It’s on from 7:30-7:42, and without fail I am told to ‘Get up!’ at 7:42 every weekday morning.  (Occasionally earlier, and on the rare treat occasion, a bit later, but usually at this exact time!)  Lately Andrew will bound into the room, jump up onto the bed beside me, wiggle down under the covers, and tell me a little about what he learned from the show, or something he and Daddy had talked about that morning.  But on this particular morning, his words were different.  He said, ‘Mommy, I need you to come fix the TV for me.  I put on a really bornin (boring) show, and I need you to change it back!’

That didn’t seem like a good sign to me somehow, since the remote for the TV is separate from the remote for the Apple TV.  I went out to the living room and saw what looked like a movie playing…and it clicked right away – he had rented a movie from Shaw on Demand!

He’d clicked the SOD button, went to the first of everything and clicked on it.  So thank goodness if he was going to rent something, it was rated PG at least!  Because he also fast forwarded through part of it once he’d made the purchase – only to discover how ‘bornin’ it was to him.  About $6 later…a movie none of us actually had wanted to see, we had The Vow on our rental list for the next 24 hours…


I at least felt a bit better knowing I wasn’t the one who encouraged him to use the remotes!!  But a valuable lesson was definitely learned, and it should probably go without saying that the Shaw TV remote is now kept out of reach.  Although just from talking to him about it after I realized what had happened, I think he got that he shouldn’t use that remote.  I wasn’t mad at him or anything, I didn’t even scold him a little bit for it, because I knew he didn’t know he was buying something.  I just said that those shows cost extra money and we don’t like paying for shows on there, so let’s not do that again.  He said, ‘Well, you could watch it later maybe, because you like bornin shows, Mommy!’  LOL!!!

I did end up watching it later that night, because I was up anyway with a headache and couldn’t sleep, and I figured we HAD paid for it.  It was predictable but cute, so I don’t totally regret having been given the opportunity to see it!  Still, though, that kind of cost per movie could really add up…we’ve got to keep an eye on what that boy is doing with all those remotes! 

Let the parental controls and channel blocking begin!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Making the most of the day

Today was the usual grey, dismal that seems to be the norm around here.  Not talking moods here, seriously, the weather just stinks.  It was raining lightly in the morning and I was wracking my brain for indoor activities we could do that would branch out from our usual.  Places we could go, things we could see, SOMETHING.  It’s hard coming up with ideas that don’t cost money.  Hours passed and eventually I noticed the rain had stopped, so we went out and fed the ducks and went to the park for a good long while.  It was a bit chilly, but not as bad as I’d thought it would be.  At least it wasn’t raining.   

Andrew had a great time visiting the ducks.  A seagull joined in and I taught Andrew a little about dominance.  That seagull just completely took over, and even when Andrew threw a little piece of bread (yes, I know bread’s not the healthiest thing for ducks, but we bought the duck food from the pet store that the ducks at Lost Lagoon downtown LOVE for these ducks and they turned up their beaks, I’m not kidding!) at a duck not even in the same area as the seagull, the gull would flap it’s wings and throw itself at that piece of bread.  All the ducks would swim away quickly in fear of it.  Then a crow suddenly swooped down from the trees and was taunting the seagull, and Andrew thought it was hi-lar-i-ous!

Playing at the park was also fun.  I chased Andrew around for a while (as much as I can ‘chase’ – more like walking quickly!) and we played his favourite ‘bank robber game’ where going down the slide means he robbed a bank and I have to try to catch him and put him in jail, which he always escapes out of.  Usually James plays this game with him, and he has a different way of going about it than me.  But Andrew has adjusted to our different ways of playing and seemed quite satisfied with my lazier version of the game, where I had some time to sit on a bench and rest while he ran about!  He also spent a good while on the swings.  It was nice to get out for some fresh air, even if it would have been nice to actually see the sunshine.

There were several other parents, grandparents, and kids at the park, and all the kids were in Andrew’s age group, a few a bit younger.  But no one spoke English.  Not even the little kids, which I have to admit, I found a bit strange.  This is often the case when we go to the park, and I’m pretty sure I’ve griped about it a bit before.  I don’t have a problem with people speaking in the native languages, but it would be so nice to be able to communicate with people when we’re sharing the same park together.  Andrew was jabbering away telling people about The Hulk on his shirt, and the game we were playing, and how we’d been to feed the ducks, and there were nods and smiles, but no one had a clue what he was talking about.  He didn’t seem to notice or care, but I just sometimes wish it was possible to meet other people that we might run into more regularly at the park.  I find there’s a huge – and obvious – barrier when we’re the only ones there speaking English.  I’d be a lot more understanding of it if we didn’t live in an English speaking part of the world, but we do!  Or at least we’re supposed to.  But oh well, that’s my little rant and I’ll leave it at that.  We had a lot of fun at the park just doing our own thing!

I was soooooo tired today though.  Crazy, ridiculous, almost zombie-state tired.  I don’t know why – our upstairs neighbour was gone for 3 nights (sadly he got home a few hours ago, so I’ll expect several extra wake-ups in the middle of the night to night from noise…sigh) so I was sleeping pretty well compared to my usual.  But from the moment I woke up this morning I just had no real get-up-and-go energy to speak of.  Soooooo tiiiiiired.  I get to sleep in tomorrow though, which I am so looking forward to!

Andrew has just been extra delightful lately.  I don’t know exactly what it is.  He just awes me with his sweet, adorable and amazingly smart nature every single day.  He is so freaking CUTE, and cuter by the minute, which is just crazy because you’d think he couldn’t get any cuter.  He is so FUNNY and so full of spunk and he says the most hilarious things.  He has a very vivid imagination which he is exploring to the max, always coming up with story after story and jabbering on about it for as long as anyone will listen.  He is so expressive, and so genuine, and so HIM.  And I love every single thing about him!  Sure he has his moments, don’t we all!  But he’s been such a good boy lately, not that he isn’t generally anyway, but in particular lately I’ve just noticed how much fun we’ve been having, how ‘easy’ he can be to be around because he’s so good-natured and happy the majority of the time.  I find him so interesting, fascinating in fact, and I just marvel at this person we created who is totally his own self, and such an amazing one at that!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mommy's growing babies in her belly!

Andrew has really taken to photography.  He has his own 'kid' camera that he loves to use, but he's always happy when he can get his hands on mine.  He has snapped probably hundreds of photos, and there's a definite theme to the types of pictures he's after.  He takes stills of his favourite tv characters (much to my chagrin, since it means I'm forever pausing shows at 'just the right moment', which isn't always an easy task!), blurry up-close pictures of household items, and lots of pictures of 'The Babies.'  I often don't even know that he has taken a picture of me, but then lo and behold when I upload the pictures from my camera, there I am.  Or should I say, there THE BABIES are, since my head is generally cut right off!
 I think it's really sweet that he's interested in The Babies and wants to document them!  Let's face it, it's the only time I'm ever going to feel comfortable with him snapping pictures of my belly, so I may as well just go with it!

Gaining independence

Today I was bummed once again that the weather was so crappy.  It’s way too cold for the end of May, and rainy, and grey, and ANNOYING.  I had really hoped to take Andrew to the park today and have a little picnic, but when we woke up to rain I knew it wasn’t going to happen.

I wracked my brain for indoor activities that we could do, and I wasn’t really coming up with much.  Andrew actually suggested we go to the pool, which I thought was awesome of him to request, since before James and I took him a few weeks ago he freaked out if we even said the word ‘pool’ in front of him.  I explained to him that I loved the idea and really want us to go back, but that it would be best to go with Daddy too, or someone else, so that I’m not on my own in terms of getting us sorted etc.  It’s hard to explain it to Andrew sometimes, although I think he partially gets it – that because of the babies, I have to be careful with how much I do.  I just get tired so easily, and I don’t want that to happen if we’re at the pool.  I probably could do it, I just know I’d be so exhausted afterwards.  He seemed satisfied with the idea that we’ll go SOON, and was fine with that meaning ‘not today.’ 

Instead, we hit up Ikea, and for the first time ever, Andrew was able to go to Smalland, the little kids play area/daycare.  He’s actually never, in his 3 ½ years, been in someone’s care for any time at all who he didn’t know – generally it has always been a family member.  So this was a pretty big deal for him, and for me.  He was pretty excited about it.  We got there and they measured him and it turns out he is EXACTLY 37 inches tall, and that’s how tall you have to be to get in there!  Phew!!  And thank goodness he’s potty trained (not at night time yet, but through the day he is completely), since that’s another requirement.  So he gave me and my mom each a kiss and off he went, without looking back!

We were given a pager in case they needed me to go get him, for instance if he ‘got uncomfortable’ as they put it.  Ha!  Basically I was part expecting to be paged and told he wasn’t playing nicely, and part (mostly) hopeful he would be the good boy he promised me he’d be, and we’d be able to take him back there in the future.  Luckily, it worked out that he LOVED it!

When I went to pick him up he didn’t want to come out, but I enticed him by reminding him that we were going to get an ice cream cone after we left there.  He was SO pleased with himself when he left the play area – he knew that it was a ‘first’ and he knew I was proud of him for doing so well.  I know it’s just an hour and not that big a deal, but considering it was his first time, it was pretty cool to have it go so smoothly.  He’s so outgoing and not shy and I think it helps that we usually hang back and let him do his thing at the park or whatever, so he’s used to feeling somewhat independent, even when we’re around.  Still, it felt like a big step to leave him in other people’s care, trusting that all would go well. 

It’s pretty awesome that Ikea has that service.  It’s free for one hour, which I think is amazing.  I was expecting it to cost something.  It was nice for my mom and I to be able to go and have a bite to eat together and look around the store a bit before picking up the boy.  He loves Ikea and is happy to shop with us actually, but I think it’s better for him to have that social play time.  My little boy is getting so grown up!

Last weekend in May

I wrote this yesterday, but only got pictures uploaded today, so here it is...

At the last minute James and I ended up getting Saturday night to ourselves while Andrew slept over at my parents’ house.  It ended up being perfect because we were able to get a good night’s sleep, since not only was Andrew not around to wake us up at least twice through the night (we don’t let him in our room anymore but he still always wakes us up…) but also our upstairs NOISY-AT-ALL-HOURS-OF-THE-NIGHT neighbour didn’t come home!  In fact he was away last night too, and I totally notice the difference (big time) in how much sleep I get.

I had high hopes for how Sunday was going to go, plans for lots of outdoor activities and just…I don’t know, certain expectations maybe.  I felt a bit sad/blah in the morning because the weather wasn’t looking very promising, and the forecast said it was going to be far colder out than what I’d hoped.  It ended up getting a lot better throughout the day and by afternoon was downright HOT, but I still didn’t feel in the best of spirits yesterday.  I can’t quite put my finger on what my issue was.

Still, we did manage to get out and have a decent day.  In the morning, James and I took a drive up to SFU to check out Burnaby Mountain park and then we drove around the newer part of the university.  So much of it is completely different from how it was when we went there, but it was still nostalgic being up there, since that’s where we met, fell in love, and the rest is history!

Then we went out and shared a meal at Fatburger, before James headed home and I went to pick up Andrew at my parents’.  We visited for a while and then Andrew and I went home, collected up some snacks and toys, and went and met up with James at the park.  We also went to a lake and Andrew fed the ducks.  He also met a new friend at the park who he seemed to get along with really well, they were actually playing together, and sharing toys! 

 Always doing silly poses for laughs, this kid...
 This one with him by the flowers was so cute, he ran over and clasped his hands together and said, 'Cheeeeeese!'
 I love how my boy adores me!

So we did have a good outing, I just felt like it wasn’t the day I had set in my mind maybe.  (Which seems silly, I know...)  Oh well, that happens sometimes!  I just hope the weather improves this week, because we woke up to rain this morning, and all the plans I’ve been coming up with lately involve being outdoors, not cooped up inside like we are in the winter months.  I love living here, but sometimes I swear, this weather is the pits.  We neeeed a nice hot summer, and I want it to start right now!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sweet 16

I’m 16 weeks pregnant, WOW.  Sometimes it feels like time is going by so slow, but I think it’s going faster than I think, starting onto the 17th week now... 

I’m starting to feel more ‘full’, which I know is NOTHING like the full I’m going to feel weeks/months from now, but the babies are definitely getting bigger!  I don’t know how to describe the feeling exactly, but it becomes more and more obvious all the time that I’m definitely pregnant.  I know that sounds silly to say – of COURSE I’m pregnant, all you have to do is look at me to know that!  But I think because of the loss before, I sometimes get this weird idea in my head that maybe this isn’t really happening or it’s not going to work out or something’s happened to one or both in there…blah blah blah.  A quick listen on the Doppler tonight gave me 2 distinct heart beats, and a world of reassurance!

And they’re moving up in the world!  I last listened on Thursday and for several weeks now the babies have been in the exact same spots every single time I’ve listened.  They’re still in the same spots now, but up higher, noticeably higher just in a matter of 4 days.  It’s pretty amazing actually!  And so cute how I already feel like I’m getting a sense for their personalities.  It’ll be interesting to see if it’s true or not, but I have a strong suspicion I know which one of these two is going to be the trouble-maker!  We’ll see if I’m right!  I’m hoping to find out this week from my OB which is Baby A and which is Baby B, so I can better reference each one.  But the one I’m currently referring to as Baby A is the more feisty one who is constantly trying to move around and away from the Doppler, and was doing some silly swimming away type moves during our last ultrasound.  The one I’m referring to as Baby B, on the other hand, likes to just stay in one position and while he or she was flailing limbs about during the last ultrasound, there was more of a calmness about him or her – more laid back like their Daddy, maybe?!

I wasn’t as sick this weekend as I was through the week last week.  No throwing up, just lots of times feeling like I could/might.  It’s frustrating still, but it’s better than barfing 10 times + per day, which sadly I got up to last week!  I was just telling James yesterday that I haven’t really had too many aches and pains yet, and then today I started noticing some.  I just find it takes so little to tucker me out and I feel so weak/out of shape sometimes, even though I know it’s normal and to be expected.  I look forward to getting my energy back in full, although I know realistically that will take years given all the sleepless nights the childrens will provide me with!!!  Oh well, totally worth it.  She says now, as she shuts down her computer to go to sleep…!!

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