Spring is in the air!

It is finally spring!  I guess it has been for a while, but it hasn’t really felt like it.  It’s still several degrees too cold most of the time, but at least this afternoon the sun is shining, and in the past few days the red tips have come up on the trees outside our living room window, which is something I looooved looking out at all last spring/summer.  I love knowing how pretty everything is going to look outside for the next 5-6 months!

I went to the mall today and picked up a ‘magic mesh’ screen door for our back door, and ‘installed’ it when I got home.  It’s basically velcroed to the door, and has magnets in the middle that keep it closed.  I’m not explaining it very well, but it seems to me it’s going to work great.  Our back door opens outwards, so it wouldn’t be possible (or at least not without spending A LOT of money) to have a screen door on it.  It was a dilemma to me last year because I wanted to keep the back door open often in the summer (and I did) but the bugs would come in, and in particular mosquitoes.  This is totally going to take care of that problem, and all for the low price of $29.99!  LOL  I thought it would look ugly but it actually doesn’t look bad at all.  And so far Fifi hasn’t figured out how easily she could get through it, so I had the door open and she just sat there looking out.   I’m sure she’ll figure it out once we’ve been using it though, and I’ll have to remember to lock her in the bedroom before we venture out.  (I wish she could enjoy the great outdoors with us, but last summer she proved herself untrustworthy because she ran off and got into mischief).

I drove my parents’ car to the mall, and it totally got me excited about us getting our van.  I never thought I’d say I’d be excited about getting a VAN, because I saw us one day getting a car but certainly never a van!  But let’s face it, with 3 car seats, it’s our only option, and actually I’m getting behind the idea now.  We’ve talked to some friends about it, and they said they WISH they’d got a van, and they only have one child…just for the extra space since even one car seat does take up a lot of room.  It’ll be great because the stroller will easily fit in the back, and we can have stuff in there that we might need when we’re out.  I love that I won’t have to carry as much, because my hands will be full enough with 2 babies and a little boy!!  It’ll be nice to know wherever we are, if we suddenly need something we can just run out to the van for it, and not have to cart literally everything we need for the entire day everywhere we go.  I love the freedom of a vehicle, not caring what time it is when you go out and how much time you have to spend there given the bus schedule.  We’re going to start seriously looking and purchase our new-old (definitely old, but new to us!) first family vehicle in a few weeks.  It has been a great thing NOT having a car as long as we could, but I’m really looking forward to what having a vehicle is going to mean for us.  So many places we can go to that we couldn’t get to before!


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