NT ultrasound issues...

I’ve been worrying about the fact that my next scheduled ultrasound is a Nuchal Translucency u/s.  I looked it up, and it’s basically looking to see what the probability is that one or both babies will have Down’s Syndrome.  I already declined the blood work that checks for it, because of the risk of false positives – and I feel the same way about the u/s…there is still a risk that I will be told there IS a possibility of Down’s Syndrome, when it fact it’s quite likely there’s nothing to actually worry about.

This wasn’t an issue when I was pregnant with Andrew – our first ultrasound was at about 11 ½ weeks, and I had the option of an NT ultrasound about 2 weeks later, but declined it because of the false positives issue.  I’d just seen the baby, so I didn’t feel like it was necessary to be doing another u/s just a few weeks later.  Whereas this time around, my first u/s was at 6 weeks 2 days.  I’m already chomping at the bit to see those babies again!  I NEED to see them, and to know they are thriving.  It’s driving me crazy the ‘not knowing’, particularly because of my previous miscarriage.  I just NEED TO KNOW that everything is OK.

I called the clinic today to express my concerns over the NT scan and issue of false positives, and was told it’s ‘my choice’ whether or not to have this u/s done.  I asked if it’s possible to just have a more general one to see the babies again and get peace of mind that they’re doing well, rather than having the NT u/s.  I was told that if I want to go that route, I have to wait till at least 19 weeks for another u/s!  That’s from 6 wks 2 days from the first u/s, waiting THAT LONG to see them again?!  Is it just me, or is that a tad ridiculous?  Especially after having a miscarriage not that long ago…I would think it would make sense to do a second u/s sooner than that??  I’m finding it particularly frustrating since I’ve joined several online multiples groups, and everyone else seems to have much more regular ultrasounds (like, every 4 weeks minimum) and not everyone has had a miscarriage.  So it seems strange that I’m playing the waiting game so much.

So now I feel like I HAVE to get the NT scan done, because it’s the only way I’ll get to see the babies at all again till the 19-20 week u/s.  So now I wonder if I SHOULD also get the coinciding blood work done, because at least that lowers the chances of false positives to about 10%, as opposed to 30% if I don’t get it and just have the scan.  Thoughts??

What I’ve decided at this point is that I may or may not get the blood work done…If I get it done it has to be about a week from now that I do it, so I have a bit of time to decide.  But I’m thinking of calling the OB’s clinic and letting them know that while I AM getting the NT scan, it’s really just because I want to see that the babies are growing as they’re supposed to, not to find out about the possibility of Down’s Syndrome.  Therefore, I’d like to decline actually receiving the results of the u/s.  Do you think that’s a good way to go?  I get to see the babies, but don’t risk hearing something I potentially don’t need to be hearing.  I don’t know if this will fly with the doctor, but I’m hoping it will be ‘my choice’ whether or not I get the results.  The only result I NEED is seeing those babes thriving in the womb, if I can see them as two little persons about the same size with strong heart beats, isn’t that all that matters?  I just don’t see the point of potentially getting news that something MIGHT be wrong, when ultimately it also might not be, even if they say it might be!  What’s the point of adding that stress on, when being pregnant is already kind of stressful for someone who’s been through a loss?!

Speaking of which, today (April 11th) marked 6 months to the day that I lost our last baby.  WOW.  6 months already.  I can’t believe it has been that long, truthfully it still feels like a much more open wound than that.  I cope well, and I’m so grateful to have my ‘two peas in a pod’ (well, each in their own pod, technically!) to think about now, but it’s hard to believe it has been that long already…

Anyway…Trying to focus on the positive, and I really have no reason to suspect anything is wrong in this pregnancy…It’s just…It must be natural, right?  To be worried, when the 11 week mark is approaching…I’m currently at 9 weeks 4 days, which means my last pregnancy only took me another 11 days along.  Wow, that number 11 again, there she is…Yikes!  Although I’m trying not to think of 11 as bad, since my due date with these 2 is Nov 11th.  (Although it seems it’s almost a guarantee we won’t make it that far).  I can’t help but need reassurance, I just wish I was getting it sooner than I am, and without having to get a scan I don’t actually want…Oh, what I wouldn’t do to get my hands on an u/s machine!!


Anonymous said…
I think it is absolutely your choice whether you want the results or not! your body your decisions kinda thing I think. go with your gut and do your research. any informed choice is not a dumb one!! I am not well versed on pregnancies with multiples but really, any health care decisions ULTIMATELY are up to you. Some women choose to forego multiple u/s's altogether so I am sure its totally cool to decline just knowing any results related to Down's. They would keep the results on your file so if you decided somewhere down the line you changed your mind then I am sure it would not be a problem to see the results?!

It will be sooo exciting when you finally get to see your babies again!! I sure hope there is some consideration and sensitivity around the fact that you are really wanting to see your babies to ensure they are well given your miscarriage. <3

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