A new 'do

Current state:  Headache, very nauseous, overall feeling yucky.  Fun times!

I got my hair done today, cut and coloured.  I strayed from my hairdresser of 5 years and went somewhere closer to home.  Mainly I did this because my hairdresser didn’t have any availability for a while, and I really needed something done with it soon.  Part of me also thought it might be good to suss things out in the area, because realistically, once the twins arrive it will be that much more complicated to go downtown to get my hair done.  I love my hairdresser, but thought I should see if it might work out going somewhere closer.

I love what the girl did with my hair, I’m definitely happy with both the cut and the colour.  But I’m going back to my usual hairdresser, and I’ll have to work out some way of being able to continue going to her once the babes are here.  For one thing, I enjoy the relationship I have with her.  I like our usual ‘topics of discussion’, and we have a history if you will, so the conversation flows nicely.  I also trust her with my hair, and I’m used to her method of doing things.  I also much prefer her pricing…I usually pay about $140 when I go to her (about every 3-4 months, usually).  In some ways I think that seems expensive, but it’s actually quite reasonable compared to other salons.  And definitely compared to the salon I went to today.  It was in a mall, so I wouldn’t have thought the prices would be even higher than the salon I go to downtown.  Well, it was a LOT more.  I was pretty shocked when I was told I owed $215.  Literally for the exact same thing, it would be TOPS $140 with my usual stylist.  I felt like I was being robbed a bit today.  I just don’t get how they can justify it.  Especially when (while I do love the cut and what she did with it) the haircut was more of a trim than anything, and while I did get a base colour done on my hair, only about 8 foils went in for some low lights.  So…I dunno…I just can’t justify spending that much on my hair every few months.

There’s a good chance once the babes are here, I’ll go to the salon (downtown) for haircuts, but I’ll start dyeing my own hair at home, like I used to do years ago.  I prefer the salon colour because it tends to be less damaging to my hair, but for the price difference…Money’s going to be a lot tighter with 3 kids, AND a vehicle, which is an expense we’ve never had before.

I’m glad I got my hair done today, and I did learn from the experience, but I just don’t want to be dropping that kind of dough on my hair.  Oh well, lessen learned!

Maybe tomorrow, if I feel up to it, I’ll take some pics of the new ‘do…and also some belly shots.  I really should have taken some pics of my belly shortly before getting pregnant to show how insanely huge I am now compared to what I looked like a few months ago.  It’s crazy, I’m talking like a 5 month pregnancy belly here, and I’m only 10 weeks + 5 days tomorrow!


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