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I talked to James about my concerns after doing more research on the Nuchal Translucency ultrasound, and he offered to call the clinic on my behalf.  At first I thought it might seem weird for him to be calling, but he made a good point.  He said, ‘Why?  They’re my babies, too.’  True, right?  Women tend to take on all the pregnancy-related stuff because, after all, we’re the ones carrying the child(ren).  But it doesn’t have to be all up to us, and given how stressed I was about the idea of having to discuss my miscarriage and concerns, it made sense for James to take over.  So as it stands, I AM going to get the ultrasound done, but it has been written in my file that I don’t want to know the results, and I’m to specify that when I go in for the scan as well.  I will get the peace of mind just from seeing that both babies are in there, and ultimately they’re not going to do the scan without at least showing me them on the screen.  So while I think it’s silly to be going for a scan I don’t actually want, I know it’s a necessary evil in order be assured we’re progressing as we should.  I promise not to mention this topic again, at least not until after the scan!!

Over the past several days, I’ve been throwing up less, but getting more sick late at night.  I’m fairly sick today, though, already throwing up –but I attribute that to not getting as much sleep on weeknights, since James goes to work early and the boy demands I get up.  I’m soooo tired of feeling so sick, and getting so sick.  And just to add to it, I’ve started getting some headaches the past few days.  One was so bad I had to take a Tylenol again, but otherwise they’re just slight and I’ve managed to get by without taking something, since I’d really prefer not to if possible.  Interestingly, I just read that around the 10 week mark it’s common to have some headaches happening, so I guess this is normal.  Frustrating though!  Especially when I’m already feeling sick as it is.

Even though I need way more sleep than I got last night, Andrew did really well.  He woke up once, at about 2:30, and James got him to go back to sleep right away.  Then he didn’t get up again till 10 to 7, which was a good thing in the sense that James should have been up by then anyway.  Hopefully this will become more of a habit, although ultimately NO middle of the night wake up would be ideal.  Given his usual is more like 3 times, once feels like a bit of a breakthrough!


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