Hunger games

I’m still battling the nausea, but today wasn’t as bad as it generally is.  In fact, I woke up at 7:30 this morning absolutely ravenous and managed to eat a good breakfast without throwing up!  I woke up SO hungry…and the past few days I’ve noticed I am hungry almost always.  It’s tough when there’s sickness involved, because I can still only eat certain things usually, a LOT of smells totally put me off, and I have to consider each thing I eat in terms of how it would be ‘on the way up’, because I never know if I’m going to get sick or not.  But the hunger is starting to get crazy.  I have a feeling it’s even going to get to the point where I’ll have to get up in the middle of the night just to have a snack!  The twins are obviously going through a growth spurt ;)  In fact, I know they are, and will be here on out!

It’s been good at least getting some nourishment in me the past few days, since previous to that there was SO little I can handle eating that I don’t think I was getting the proper nutrition.  Sadly, cutting out my prenatal vitamins entirely seems to have helped a little bit with the sickness.  I just can’t handle taking them, and that’s all there is to it.  I found out yesterday that all my blood work from a few weeks ago came back perfect, so there’s no reason to believe I have any deficiencies.  Most likely at some point in the pregnancy I’ll have to start on an iron supplement, since it’s a common thing to need and helps considering the blood loss during delivery.  I found a good liquid iron supplement during my pregnancy with Andrew, and once you get past being able to taste it despite masking it with juice, it’s easy on the stomach.  So when the time comes I’ll take that, but otherwise no vitamins, please.  Well, yes, vitamins, but in food, not supplements!  I don’t know what it is about them, but even the gentlest form causes me grief.  Given I barely took them during my pregnancy with Andrew and he turned out perfect, there’s no reason to believe I need them now.

I think I’ve been focusing/worrying too much about the upcoming ultrasound, and what it’s for, and wondering how my appointments with go – meeting the OB for the first time, as well as the midwives.  Not knowing how it will all go…I just want the next few weeks over and done with so I’ll have had all those appointments and then can just sit back and wait for the ‘fun’ ultrasound where we get to find out if we’re having a boy and a girl (my hope!), 2 girls (my 2nd choice) or 2 boys.  I will be happy no matter what the scenario, although it would be nice to have a daughter, not 3 sons.  If it happens that way, obviously it will be wonderful, too, but…let’s all cross our fingers that there’s a girl in there!  My ideal is one of each because how cute would that be, and Andrew would get the benefit of a brother AND a sister, and I’d get a daughter, but a son to use all the boy stuff we already have.  It would be the best of both worlds, but what will be will be!  Hard to believe we’ll most likely know ‘who’ they are in just a few months!  If it were a singleton, we’d let it be a surprise, because I actually prefer the surprise element at birth, but with two, I think it just makes sense to be better prepared.  Plus, we need to know if we need to come up with another boy name or another girl name!  We could agree on one boy name and one girl name and THAT’S IT so if they’re two of a kind in there, we’re really going to have to figure that out!!

Anyway, I want to just focus on the things that excite me and make me happy and not worry so much about the things that are ultimately out of my control in all of this.  One of the things I’m really excited about coming up is right following our u/s and OB appointment, James and I are going for our weekend getaway.  Destination undisclosed, but all will be revealed afterwards!  Today I booked us in for spa treatments, a pregnancy massage is going to be soooo nice, especially since I will likely be huge already by that point.  I’ll only be 13 weeks along, but I’m not even 10 weeks now and already I look at least 4 months pregnant, so I can only imagine how rapidly the belly is going to progress!  Especially if I can start holding down all the food I plan on eating :D


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