Ho hum...

I feel like writing, but I also feel sick, and the two don’t really go together.  There’s so much I WISH I could be doing right now, but I don’t have the energy.  And the frustrating thing, is that from everything I’ve read from other women who are further along in a twin pregnancy – I can’t expect it to get any easier.  Everyone says, ‘Do absolutely everything you need to before 25 weeks.’  Some, I think, would argue even earlier than that.  The sheer girth of the twin pregnant belly becomes too much to bear, and mobility becomes a major issue.  Not to mention doing everything in one’s power to keep those babes in as long as possible, since they’re already almost guaranteed to be premature.

But how are you supposed to ‘get ‘er done’ when you feel tired and ill 24/7?  I feel like I’ve ‘really accomplished something’ in a day if I do a few chores, which pre-pregnancy would have been the bare minimum of what I’d have done in a day.  Now it’s like, WOW, look at me, I made the bed AND cleaned the kitchen, all in one day!  GO ME!!  Actually, that’s stretching it a little bit, only because it’s guaranteed I will make the bed every day no matter what.  I’d have to be pretty crazy sick to not do at least that!  I think it has happened twice in this pregnancy, but usually even if I feel horrible I get that done.  There was a time, years ago, when I lived by the idea, ‘Why make the bed when you’re just going to mess it up again later?’ but for the past several years it has become a major pet peeve of mine to get into an unmade bed.  It’s so much more calming and satisfying to get into a made bed!

Anyway…see, this is the ‘creative’ that comes out of me when I feel sick.  I’ve got nothing!

I want to feel less (preferably not at all) nauseous so I can fly at it and do things, not just chores but fun stuff.  Get out and see things, go places.  Have a little fun while I still can.  Not that I can’t still have fun once I’m the size of an elephant, but it won’t be as easy to do.  And I’ll feel compelled to be so careful.  I’m already being careful, because I want to do everything to ensure things continue to go well this time around.  But…it’s hard to have much get up and go to do things when you feel like hurling half the time, and sleeping the rest.

It’s not like there’s anything major I need to do before the twins arrive.  I’m just bored of feeling sick.  I’m tired of thinking in my head of all the wonderful things I COULD be doing, but instead flopping down on the couch because all I can REALLY do is focus on my breathing to try to keep from throwing up again.

Ho hum, woe is me!

A friend is coming over tomorrow.  I’d say it’s a play date, but her babe is still quite small so I’m not sure how much interaction there will be between him and Andrew.  I’m looking forward to holding him though!  And seeing how Andrew is around him.  I told him tonight that they’re coming over for a visit tomorrow, and Andrew said, ‘Oh, he is?!  Just remember, he doesn’t like grapes!’  I thought that was so cute!  He remembered that last time baby I was over, he tried to feed him a grape but I didn’t take it.  (He’s only 3 months old…LOL)  Too cute.

Another cute thing Andrew did tonight…It was James’ birthday today (#33!) and Andrew gave him a card with superheroes on it.  In the card was an App Store gift card.  Andrew handed it to him and said, ‘This is so you can buy games and things for your phone.’  James said, ‘Aw, thanks buddy!  Maybe we could use a bit of it for a new game for you, for the ipod.’  Andrew replied, ‘No Daddy, this is for YOU!’  Awww!  I thought that was so sweet!


Lojo said…
Too cute :) Hang in there, buds. Hope you find relief from the sickies soon! xo

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