This morning when I woke up I decided to try listening for babies’ heartbeats on my fetal Doppler.  (I bought one on eBay when I was pregnant with Andrew).  I wasn’t really expecting to hear anything but my own pulse, since it’s still a bit early to find a baby’s heartbeat with a Doppler.  In fact, with Andrew, even with the professional Doppler (much more expensive and therefore better-working, I got a fairly cheap one) at the midwives clinic, we couldn’t hear him till we were at least 12 weeks if I remember correctly.  We tried at our first visit around 10 weeks but didn’t hear anything.  Same thing with the last baby, we unfortunately never did hear his or her heartbeat.  The midwife tried when I was 10 weeks, but nothing (although I honestly suspect the baby was so low down and not in a good spot, so I’m guessing that’s why it wasn’t possible…though I know that’s just my speculation, after the fact!)

Anyway…lo and behold (literally fairly low, just above my pubic bone) I heard one!  I could hear my own pulse so I knew I was listening for something twice as fast as that, and I heard it!  I’m not sure if I found both babies, but I THINK I did…they were very close together if it was both of them, so that’s why it’s hard to know for sure.  I’ve read that some doctors don’t even use Dopplers with multiples because it’s too hard to decipher between the two or know for sure if you’re hearing both, which is why some rely so much more on frequent ultrasounds.  So I’m not too concerned with not knowing for sure.  All I know is that it made me SO HAPPY to hear that really fast beat!  It’s beyond what words can express.  Especially when I don’t tend to feel them much yet (once in a while I’ll feel a somersault type of feeling in there, but it’s pretty few and far between at this stage)…and I’m just a few days away from when things ended with the last pregnancy…I’m a little bit anxious about the babies, I guess.  I just want to know they’re doing well, and hearing them like that, and having some idea of whereabouts they are in there, it’s so exciting!  I might listen again later to see if I can for sure hear both babies, but overall I’m just so happy, it feels like everything IS going right this time.

AND it’s James’ birthday today, so we’ll be celebrating with Greek food and a yummy cake…So I’m working on ‘no nausea’ for dinner time so I can enjoy it – wish me luck!!


Trista said…
aww! I still remember that first time we heard little Kiwi's heartbeat. it is incredible isn't it? and hearing two! wow! i'm so happy for you. I'm glad it brought you some relief to hear your babies <3
Elizabeth said…
I have a recording of Andrew's heartbeat from when I first got the Doppler while pregnant with him. I will have to record these two sometime as well. I didn't expect to hear it this early so when I did, I just couldn't stop smiling!!

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