Easter long weekend

I’ve been meaning to write for days, but whenever I’ve had the chance I’ve felt too nauseous to even think about it.  It really isn’t getting any better, and I know I can’t really reliably say that it will any time soon.  I have to ‘get used to it’, but it’s hard to get used to feeling sick literally all the time when you’re actually going through it!  Despite it, though, we’ve been making the most of our days.

I loved having James home for a 3 day weekend.  On Good Friday James and I got to sleep in (although he got up early and went to the grocery store, what an awesome guy!) because Andrew had slept over at his Nana’s the night before.  I was feeling pretty sick in the morning and wasn’t up to much, but then Andrew and the mil came over for brunch and I was actually able to eat, which was nice.  We had croissants, which are such a yummy treat, I think I just might have to eat some more of them soon!  After the mil left we were planning to do a little outing to the park or something, but I ended up going out to another maternity shop and finished off my pregnancy wardrobe, while the boys went on a little bike ride to the park without me.  I got a sweater, another top and pair of capris, and another dress.  So I’d say I should be set for the whole pregnancy (assuming the size fits throughout – from what I’ve read with multiples, if I feel 40 weeks along when I’m at 23 weeks like a lot of women, I may have to go up a size to accommodate the big belly!  But hopefully what I’ve got will do, because I really like everything, there is something to be said about how comfortable and yet how stylish maternity clothes can be!

Andrew and I did some egg decorating to get into the Easter spirit:

On Saturday afternoon we took Andrew for  a picnic at Hume Park, which is his favourite park in the whole wide world because he has a fond memory of getting a Spiderman popsicle there last summer!  I kept telling him the ice cream truck generally only comes during the summer, not the spring, so not to get his hopes up.  (We ended up taking him to Dairy Queen on the way home…and thankfully he was satisfied with a Strawberry Sundae, which he decided WAS a Spiderman popsicle broken up in the ice cream!  Phew!!)  We invited my parents to go with us because they’d never been to Hume Park before.  James rode his bike there and met up with us.  (I’m a little sad that I won’t get out on my bike at all this spring/summer, as it’s one of our fun family adventure times, but since I’m not a frequent cyclist, I can’t risk it, as it might not be good for the babies if I were to suddenly start doing that).  We had a great picnic, and Andrew had fun playing, although it was a little disappointing to get there and discover that the main part of the playground was all torn down!  They’re obviously going to put in something new, and I’d imagine it will be done by the summer.  But still!  He was so psyched to go down the ‘biiiiig slide’ but he made do with the little toddler ones!
 On Easter Sunday we stuck with the tradition this year that we started last year –Andrew and Daddy went out to the park while Mommy let the Easter Bunny in to hide chocolate eggs and treats.  It works best that way, because it’s too early in the morning for Mommy if Mr. Bunny leaves the eggs the night before!!  Andrew had so much fun going around looking for eggs to put in his little blue Easter basket.  It was so cute watching him.  He’d had his eye on a Spiderman chocolate (a sizeable one at that!) when he and James were at the mall a week or so ago, and he wanted it in the worst way.  James said the Easter Bunny might bring it to him, if he were to continue on the path to sleeping better (on his own).  So because he’s been doing fairly well at it (although he still wakes us up every night…it’s sometimes less…and he usually falls asleep quickly again on his own, so it’s progress) the Easter Bunny came through and got him the Spiderman chocolate.  What I thought was cute though, was that there was also a little plastic Spiderman egg with candy and stickers in it.  He found that first (because the big chocolate was hidden so he’d for sure find it last) and said, ‘Aaah, the Easter Bunny DID bring me a Spiderman one, yaaaaaaayyyyy!’ and he was clapping his hands with glee.  I thought it was very sweet that he honestly would have been totally fine with a puny little plastic Spiderman egg, and wouldn’t have sulked thinking he hadn’t got the big one.  He loves ‘stuff’ but he’s totally not rude about stuff like that, which is awesome.  Case in point – his Nana has had a ‘treat bag’ for him for about a year, where if he’s been a good boy at her place he can reach in and take one treat each time.  Last time he was at her place, he said he doesn’t need anymore toys, he would really just like to have books instead!  I thought that was pretty darn cute.
Anyway, after Andrew’s Easter egg hunt we basically just hung out till it was time to get ready to head out for dinner at my aunt and uncle’s.  Sooo nice to not have to think about cooking, especially given how I am with food these days!  My parents and bro and sil were there too.  And my aunt and uncle even made us some tofurky!  Yum!!  =)  I was nauseous on and off like always, but I didn’t get sick, which was nice, since I’m not particularly fond of throwing up at all, let alone at someone else’s house!

It was a great long weekend.  Followed by Monday, which was a really sunny, warm-ish day.  Andrew and I took full advantage and got out into our little backyard to start getting ready for summer.  I washed down the table and chairs and we washed most of Andy’s outdoor toys and put out all the little garden do-dads.  Now we just need to start having more nice days, and warmer temps so we can get out there and enjoy it on a regular basis.  It felt SO GOOD to be out there in the garden, just so freeing somehow, and it made me hopeful that summer will be here soon.


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