10 weeks (just about!)

On Sunday I’m 10 weeks pregnant, which means the babies officially move up to ‘fetus’ status, no longer just embryos!  It’s exciting, seeing the end of the first trimester so close.  I reeeeally want it over and done with.  I know it doesn’t mean that nothing can go wrong just because I’m past the first hurtle, but I’ll just be relieved to know I’m past the stage my last pregnancy stopped at.  I want to get the first trimester out of the way, because I feel that I’ll be able to focus more clearly on the idea that this is really, truly happening.

I’m already pretty well set on that idea, though!  I’m totally smitten with these babes.  Tonight I could feel a rolling sort of sensation in there, and I think it was one or both babies doing somersaults.  That’s the only way I can describe it, it really felt like baby movements and rolling around of some kind.  How cute is that?!  It’s early at 10 weeks to feel movements, but this is technically considered my third pregnancy, and you do tend to feel things earlier with subsequent pregnancies.  I wonder, too, if it makes sense that I’d feel things earlier with multiples.

I felt pretty decent today, up till a couple of hours ago, and now I feel really nauseous again.  I didn’t throw up today, but I have a feeling I’ll be doing so again before long.  Oh well, at least I did have a decent stretch of time today where the nausea was fairly light.  I can’t wait till it goes away for periods of time though.  I’m crossing my fingers that I don’t have it when James and I are away.  I have a few weeks to get it out of my system!

I looked up what the babies look like around this stage.  It’s both scary and exciting.  Scary because it makes my mind go to the image of our last baby, since it was about 11 weeks along, so I do know exactly what an 11 week fetus looks like.  But it’s exciting, because these babies are alive and I am so full of hope and dreams for them both.  I smile thinking about those two little beings in there, floating around.  Which reminds me of the very first purchase I want to make after our next ultrasound, when my mind is at ease and I know both babies are thriving:
 How CUTE is that?!!

In other news, Andrew is pretty excited about the babies, too.   He had a day there several days ago where he got into a mood and said, ‘I don’t WANT any babies’ and he was upset about the idea of having to be a big brother.  Then the other day, out of the blue, he said, ‘I was a bit mad about the babies for a little while, but now I’m excited about them!  I will get my tummy time blanket out for them and they can play on it!’  Awwww!  How sweet is he?!  He is going to be the best big brother ever!


Anonymous said…
10 weeks closer to meeting the sweeties :)
so crazy awesome amazing!!
also, LOVE the onesies. so appropriate, so perfect!
trista said…
oops forgot to say: Andrew is the cutest.. awww that is so sweet how he is so excited and already planning on what and how to share etc. sooo precious. hes going to be one incredible big brother :)

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