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11 weeks with twins

In contrast to being out for almost 7 hours yesterday, today we stayed home.  Sometimes on a weekend day I’ll feel a bit disappointed if we don’t really do much, but today I was relieved to not have any plans.  I was still feeling pretty tired from yesterday.  Last night we started watching Sherlock on Netflix (It’s kind of different, but I think I like it – we’re half an episode in) and I couldn’t even watch it all, I was so tired.  I started feeling as though I had flu symptoms, very achy and exhausted and my head even felt a bit warm, but I think I was just out of sorts, not actually sick.  Those symptoms were gone by morning, but I think I just have to take it easy as much as possible.  I KNOW that in weeks/months to come I’ll look back and think I couldn’t have POSSIBLY been so tired at this earlier stage, or uncomfortable, or what have you…but I am!
Since James gets up with the boy in the mornings on weekends so I can sleep in (it keeps me from throwing up as much through the day…