Yay for spring and outdoor adventures!

Today our plan was to take Andrew to Burnaby Lake, only he decided he did NOT want to go there, he wanted to go to DEER LAKE.  So we obliged, and set off for Deer Lake.  We got off the bus right across from the Burnaby Village Museum, and I noticed the Open sign was on, so we decided to go there first.  I’m glad we did, because as it happens they had a scavenger hunt going on, and if you paid to go through the village, you got unlimited rides on the carousel.  Andrew LOVES the carousel, so we knew it would be a hit.

We did the scavenger hunt, and Andrew got his prize of a lollipop.  Then we hit up the little café there and had some fries and iced tea, and Andrew picked out chocolate ice cream.  It was nice to sit for a few, and Andrew was really well behaved the whole time.  It was such a bright sunny day, perfect weather for an outing to the BVM.

It was so funny though, each time we left one of the exhibits and went back outside into the sunshine, Andrew would squint really hard and say, ‘I can’t see anything, I can’t see anything!’ and start wandering around like he was drunk.  It seemed to completely throw him off!  At one point I called out to him, ‘Just follow my voice!’ and he was able to find us again.  LOL

After that we headed to Deer Lake, where we went along by the water for a while, then over a bridge where we found a bench to sit for a bit to have a snack.  (It sounds like we were eating the whole time, but really we weren’t, though I *am* eating for 3!  Haha). 

When Andrew dipped his whole hand into the hummus we’d brought with us, I realized I’d completely forgot to pack wipes.  Or diapers, for that matter.   He’s mostly potty trained, but when we go out somewhere we tend to be a bit ‘lazy’, you could say, about doing the whole underpants thing.  But because we so rarely change diapers anymore, it completely slipped my mind to bring any, and so it also went over my head to pack the wipes.  Oops!  So after wiping his hand off on a bag and then Daddy’s pants (!!!), Andrew informs us that he has to do a #2.  He hasn’t done that in his diaper in I can’t even remember how long, so he wasn’t wanting to, but he was getting into a stance like, I’m gonna go!  We quickly asked him to please please please hold it in, because we could pack up right away and get to a public washroom.  He was really good about it, and thankfully we made it to a bathroom where he was able to go.  Phew!!  We were pretty proud of him for letting us know he needed to go, because it showed that even though he was wearing a diaper, he knew not to go in it.

From there we headed home, since it was starting to feel a bit cooler, and we were all getting tired.  Andrew had a little nap on the bus ride home, and I enjoyed the quiet cuddle time with him.

It’s crazy to think that this time next year, if we were to venture out like that, it will be 5 of us going.  I’m excited about the babies, but enjoying this time where it’s just the 3 of us.  It seems so much less complicated than it sometimes used to feel!

And I’m sooooooo happy, beyond words, that it’s finally SPRING!


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