When you move me everything is groovy

Last night Andrew had a sleepover at my parents’ place.  He’s still there now. 

So after my dr’s appointment last night, James and I met up at Salathai for dinner.  We hadn’t been there for a long time – it was as good as ever.  I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to eat there, since with being so nauseous I tend to stay away from Asian foods, or most foods for that matter.  But I felt up to it once dinner time rolled around, and luckily it worked out – I haven’t thrown up since yesterday early afternoon!  Fingers crossed I continue to do OK…I’ve been pretty nauseous all day today (and late last night) but I’m managing it pretty well for the time being.

It was nice to have a night to ourselves.  We watched the first episode of Luther on Netflix and I think it’s a series we could get into.  And I ended up getting a full night’s sleep because not only was it quieter with Andrew not here, but also the guy upstairs was relatively quiet last night, so I didn’t get startled awake by any noise.  Soooo nice when that happens, since it seems to be so rare that I sleep well!

I wasn’t feeling well most of this morning, but we still made the most of our time and even booked 2 nights at a hotel in May.  We’re not going far, but it’ll still be a change of scenery, and I’m really excited about it already.  We’re also going to book spa treatments, so we’ll have that to look forward to.  I can hardly wait!!  We’re really going to live it up (by totally relaxing and just enjoying our quiet time together, nothing crazy!) because this is the first time we’ll have had 2 nights alone together in about FOUR YEARS, AND we won’t be home for any of it, which means no chores or responsibilities, AND…it’s just going to be totally awesome.  Because it has to be.  Because it’s probably the last time we’ll get to do something like that for YEARS.  Thanks to my parents for taking on the boy for a few nights for us!!!

YAY!  I love having something like that to look forward to.  We’re doing this just a few days after our next ultrasound, so I’m praying that we get good news, that everything’s looking good with the babes, in which case it is going to be a celebration as well as a get away.  I’m kind of wishing the next several weeks away so we can just be there already!


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