Stuck in a rut or what!

James and I watched a movie on Saturday night.  We started it fairly late, so it was after midnight when it ended.  No sooner had we turned the TV off, when Andrew came flailing out of his bedroom.  It was SO funny watching him.  His eyes were in full squint mode, and he had this huge frown on his face, because this was NOT his usual routine.

Usually if he wakes up shortly after midnight, I’m still up and sitting on the couch, so he has a particular routine of what he does.  He runs to the couch, essentially takes my spot, has a few sips of water or juice, and goes back to sleep (usually after a hug and a kiss).  On Saturday, James stood up and was basically blocking his way into the living room, asking for a hug before he got settled again.  It was hilarious the way Andrew reacted.  He was desperate to get around James in his sleepy haze, and was sort of bouncing all over the place trying to get to me.  He mumbled something when he got to me, and I know he was thinking, ‘This isn’t what we do!’  He was very confused as to why Daddy was up, and what we were aaall doing sitting on the couch.

Andrew is very stuck in a rut with many of his routines.  He’s adaptable obviously, and can get used to switching things up when we need to, but he likes a lot of things to be ‘just so.’  I’m often the only one dealing with particular routines, so I’m the only one who gets ‘what we do.’  I find it quite entertaining to see things go down with someone who does things differently, or adds a new element.  It’s good to mix things up once in a while, but try telling that to the boy!


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