Sick and tired...literally

I’m so freaking sick, I can’t stand it.  It’s so debilitating.  Andrew went to his nana’s today, and I’m going to have to take him over to my mom’s at some point tomorrow, because it seems impossible for me to properly look after him on my own for a whole day.  I can’t stand the sight or smell of most foods, pretty much every time I eat I throw up, and that’s with the highest dose of Diclectin every day! 

I’m tired beyond belief, and I feel like I’m only getting the absolute bare minimum done each day.  Which is fine, I know I’m supposed to rest up, but seriously, these things are not going to take care of themselves.  Stuff is starting to pile up that I’m eventually going to HAVE to get to, and I’m concerned that the farther along I get, because of how much bigger I’ll be, it’ll be that much more challenging to do much.  I guess this is just the way it is, but I like to keep things orderly and feel good about what I can usually accomplish in a day.  It’s hard feeling so sick and exhausted ALL.THE.TIME. and feeling so unproductive.

Today my dad took me to the clinic I SHOULD have gone to yesterday to get my blood tests taken care of, and then stopped by Safeway so I could do a bit of shopping.  It was SO HARD to get groceries.  I usually enjoy grocery shopping, but it was so gross being in a store filled with smelly foods.  I thought I was going to hurl while we were in there, but I’d put off getting any groceries for so long, and we’d pretty much run out of fruits and vegetables.  Ugh, I can’t even think about it right now.  At least we do have some food in the house now, but the thought of having to prepare it sends me back to the porcelain bowl.  I have no choice because Andrew gets hungry every few hours tops, so I DO manage to prepare things for him, but I generally throw up before I get him a snack, and again after.  He doesn’t seem to mind when I tell him, ‘OK, I’ll get that for you, after I throw up, ok?!’  At least we’ve told him about the twins, and I’ve explained as best I can that the reason I get so sick is because the twins are growing and making changes in my body.  It must be a weird concept for him.

It was so cute yesterday morning – he kissed my belly, then put his duvet over it and said, ‘Now the babies will be nice and warm’.  I’d got him some crackers and cheese and carrot sticks, and he fed one of each to me, telling me they were ‘for the babies to eat.’  Awww!  He is going to be such a great big brother.

In the meantime, I’ll deal with these symptoms, if it means the babies are safe and thriving.  But I can’t help but complain a little bit about how disgustingly sick I feel!


Janice said…
Oh poor you, that sucks !! I hope it passes with the first trimester. It is good you have your parents close by now and I am sure they love having Andrew all to themselves, for now just take it day by day and take care!!

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