Retail therapy on a sunny Sunday, why not!

Today I went to Coquitlam Centre and got some new maternity clothes.  I had to take a deep breath before going into the store, because it reminded me so much of the last time I went in there, which wasn’t all that long ago.  I really hope everything works out this time around, and I get to wear these clothes till my belly is bursting right out of them!

I got a pair of pants that are also capris, and one that’s just capris, a dress, and 4 tops.  I should be good to go for a while!  I might want to get a sweater of some kind, but there’s another store I want to check out for that.

I don’t like I having to talk to the sales people in maternity stores.  They mean well, but my issue is that I’m already apprehensive enough – being only 7 weeks along (to the day today!) and still worrying about how things are going to go.  I don’t feel like talking about my pregnancy with strangers like that.  I know to them I shouldn’t be jaded, but I am!

I also got some new sunglasses, not maternity ones though!  LOL  My eyes will likely be one of the few things that doesn’t get bigger =D  Last year right at the end of summer (I guess it’s a good time if it has to happen) Andrew dropped my sunglasses and they broke, so I wanted a new pair since we’re into spring now.  It felt more like summer today, actually.  Still a little hint of cool in the air, but soooo nice and sunny.  I LOVE it!  It’s so much more fun to go out when the weather isn’t grey and dismal.  And it’s so nice being able to take Andrew out without him getting chilled after a short time – he and James went to the park while I was at the mall.

All in all, a good day, with some retail therapy, I can’t complain!  Well, as long as I leave out the part about throwing up literally ALL morning, right up till it was time to head out.  Ugh!  I still felt sick for part of the time out, but I actually felt kind of better after eating a small crispy crunch blizzard.  It totally hit the spot!  Definitely good comfort food when nauseous!!


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