Our first ultrasound...

Today we had our ultrasound appointment.  I was so nervous beforehand.  Thinking positive that all would go well, but worrying about all the ‘what if’s’.  My bladder was ready to explode by the time my appointment started, and by then all I could think about was when I’d be able to go to the bathroom!

I had to go in alone, and then once the technician did all the measurements, James would be called in.  As soon as she started, I felt worried that things weren’t going as well as I had hoped.  She asked me if I might not be as far along as I’d thought, because if I wasn’t at least 7-8 weeks, this type of ultrasound wouldn’t show anything.  I said it’s quite possible I’m not as far along, since my cycle got really wonky just before the pregnancy.  It really worried me that she ‘couldn’t see what she’s supposed to’ because to me, that meant ‘there’s no baby’ and I couldn’t even fathom that as an option.  I told her about my miscarriage, and she was very understanding about all my questions given what I’d been through.  She said she would have to do an internal ultrasound because that would show more.  So that’s what we did.

I could barely see the screen when she was doing the measurements, and wasn’t entirely sure what I was looking at.  I find those ultrasound machines so bizarre!  I can’t even comprehend how they work.  I was just happy that I had to empty my bladder for this exam, because there’s NO WAY I could have lasted even another few minutes without going to the bathroom after the external exam!

She said she would go and get James so we could see the image together, so James came in and she put the ultrasound up on a big screen TV.  She said, ‘OK, tell me, what do you see there?’  And there THEY were.


James said, ‘Twins??!!!’  and she laughed and said, ‘That’s right!’

I think my reaction was, ‘Oh my Gawd, oh my GAWD, we’re having twins!  We’re having twins???!’  We were SO shocked, it took a minute to let it register (although I think it’s going to take a looong time to fully register!)

Twins do run in my family, on both sides, so it was always a possibility.  But it’s still rare, and I just didn’t think it would ever happen to me.  So we’d joke about it, but we never expected it to be our reality.  We were only going to have 2 kids.  But it looks like we’re going to go from having one, to having THREE!

We’re still in shock.  I’m excited…But nervous.  Overwhelmed.  James just popped his head through the peek-a-boo in the kitchen and said, ‘TWINS, we’re having twins, seriously??!’  That pretty much sums up what we’re going through!  Very happy that everything is looking good, but wow, are our lives ever going to change!

I mentioned to the technician that when I hear ‘twins’ my fear is ‘high risk pregnancy.’  And it’s true, it is a higher risk pregnancy.  But the good news is that at 6 weeks 2 days along, both babies are the exact same size, hearts pumping 120 bpm, which is textbook for where they should be right now.  They’re fraternal twins, so they’re in separate sacs with their own placentas, so there’s no risk of one baby taking more than the other from the sounds of things. 

We’ve decided to tell our friends and family now instead of waiting.  It’s still not FB material, but all the people closest to us need to know.  We can’t hold this news in!  So far everyone we’ve told has been shocked…and happy…but in disbelief, thinking at first we were just joking with them.  Haha!  I think the joke is on us!

But both Beans are perfect, we even saw their little hearts beating.  I have to say…I wasn’t expecting to find out there’s two in there, but I already feel double the love!

So here's the first image...
All I could see on the screen from my vantage point was what I later found out is my very full bladder!  The black hole near the top.  As you can see, the technician could see 2 sac, but it wasn't really clear if there was anything in them.
 Then we had the internal exam...where we saw Twin A and Twin B!  They looked a little better formed on the moving screen than they do in this picture, but ultimately they are sort of blob like at the moment, given they're not that far along!  BUT seeing their little hearts beating in sync was priceless!
 TWO BABIES!!!!!  Our pregnancy will be very closely monitored, so it sounds like we'll be going for ultrasounds every few weeks.  Now I have to start obsessively researching twins, because I really have no idea what to expect...other than less sleep than I ever thought imaginable!!  Now I know why my pregnancy symptoms have felt so exaggerated - my body's doing double the work!  Time to rest up now while I can.  I know one day I'll look back and laugh at myself for thinking I was tired and had tough days sometimes with only one child!  But the payoff is going to be so worth it...A whole extra person to love!  I'm seriously so excited.  Afraid...but soooooo excited!

Our due date is November 15th!  And the countdown begins :)


Smelly Danielly said…
Twins! That is amazing! I am so happy for you!!!
Janice said…
OMG I am so happy for you guys, I had to call Trista at work lol That is so exciting I just don't know what to say..........yayyyyyyyyy Does Andrew know?
trista said…
I don't even know what to say.. I am soooooooo happy for you guys. WOW! TWINS! that is insanely amazing and awesome.. WOWOWOWOWWWW! I totally owe you an e-mail from like, forever ago, but now even MORE so.. expect one soon. or even a phone call!! :D
lots and lots of love and hugs!
Elizabeth said…
:) Thanks!! We are pretty excited...and totally freaked out all at once!!!!!
Lojo said…
OH MAH GAWD! :D Double congrats!!
Anonymous said…
I had to read back a bit because I got VERY confused. But wow.... the universe works in mysterious ways :)


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