I can't believe I did that!

I have to get several blood tests done, which is routine procedure in the first trimester.  I decided today was the day, so I took Andrew over to my mom’s and set out for the lab.  I had looked into which location was closest, got the bus route figured out, and thought I was all set.  Boy was I ever wrong!

I ended up getting off the bus where Translink had told me to, but I didn’t see anything in the area that looked like the Lifelabs.  So I called James, my go-to person for directions when I’m lost!  Luckily he was able to walk me through where I was supposed to be.  For some reason the stupid Translink site told me to get off waaaay before I actually should have.  If I’d walked from where it told me to, it would have probably taken me an hour.  Stupid, stupid!

As it was, I was having difficulty finding the place once I got off the bus at what James said truly was the closest stop to the place.  In order to avoid walking an extra 10 minutes around a winding field, I decided to cut through the field…only it was soaking wet, and midway through became muddy, and of course I was wearing very thin canvas type Airwalks.  Needless to say, my feet were soaked by the time I got to the lab.

Which, as it happens, is their head office, and they don’t have an actual clinic there.

Seriously!!  Money and a LOT of time, wasted.  The worst part was that I’d been so sick the whole morning, I had nothing on my stomach and was feeling ill and sooo exhausted, and here I was hoofing it to find a place that wasn’t where I needed to be at all.

I ended up just saying screw it, I’ll get the blood work done later in the week.  I was too sick and tired – literally – by the time I got that far.

I went to the mall and treated myself to a Blizzard before heading back to my mom’s, where I ended up crashing a few hours later and sleeping off and on till dinner time!  The whole experience was too much for me.

I forgot to mention that I was so desperate for food on the way to the mall, and I found some candy in my purse so I went to take the first bite, and bit down on the back of my tongue HARD.  After my nap I woke up thinking I was getting a sore throat, but then I remembered and realized that my tongue is swollen and sore.  So I can barely eat because it hurts to chew or swallow!  Awesome!!

Tomorrow has GOT to be a better day!


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