Getting out for some fresh air

OK, obviously the pregnancy hormones are getting to me.  Listening to Beyonce’s ‘I was here’ just brought me to tears!  When I was pregnant with Andrew, it was ‘Do you realize?’ by the Flaming Lips.  I still get teary eyed when I listen to that song.

I’m heading out soon to run some errands.  Andrew stayed over at Nana’s last night, and won’t be heading home till supper time tonight.  I miss him, especially his hugs and kisses and cuddles.  But its been good for me to have this bit of time to just ‘be.’  I’ve been so sick, it would have been difficult to have been on my own with him all day (though I realize there are plenty of those type of days in my near future).  I don’t seem to sleep too well at night – the nausea is particularly bad in the morning when I’m first up, and then around dinner time and gets really bad through the night.  It’s there all day, too, but more manageable seeming.  But being able to sleep till I decide to get up means I’ve got enough rest these past couple of days.

I’m also listening to Kid Cudi, ‘Heart of a Lion’.  Love that song!

It looks like a beautiful spring day out there today. I need to get some new spring/summer clothes.  All the maternity clothes I have are more fall/winter, since that’s when I was expecting to be needing them at first.  At least I have them, and have something to wear over this belly that’s showing like I’m about 15 weeks.  For serious.  It’s getting big!  I’m torn between wanting to hit the shops and get some new clothes, and wanting to wait till I’m 12 weeks because I’m terrified of jinxing myself.  Last time I was so gung ho and got a new wardrobe at about 8-9 weeks, and then lost the pregnancy and had to wear maternity clothes for a while even tho I was no longer pregnant because I couldn’t afford to buy new ‘regular’ clothes.  We’ll see.  I know I didn’t lose that baby because I did pregnancy-related things early in the pregnancy!  Tho I have to admit, I am somewhat of a superstitious person.

Time to head for the bus.  Weird to think soon I’ll be driving around in a van instead.  I’m kind of nervous about the prospect of driving around here.  I like the idea of the freedom a car brings (not having to schedule outings around when buses go by) but people drive so crazy around here and I like the safety I feel taking the bus.  It’s going to be an adventure, just like everything in our upcoming future!


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