Who doesn't love a good pin?!

Hi, my name is Elizabeth, and I’m addicted to Pinterest.

OK, there, now that we’ve got that out in the open…

Phew!  I feel better already!

Seriously, I didn’t think I’d become addicted to it, like practically everyone I know has said they are.  I liked the concept right away, and pinned a few things, enjoyed it, but then didn’t feel the need to go back on a regular basis.  Now I find it somewhat cathartic to pin.  Is that sad?  (Please don’t answer that!)  I’m not obsessive about it, but when I get the chance to check out new and interesting things, it’s easy to while away some time…and not think about anything else in the process.  I like that it helps me focus on something that’s positive, and I do believe it’s positive because I’m pinning things that might actually make me more productive.  I feel motivated to try new recipes, and work on some interesting DIY projects that I otherwise might never have thought to do.

I’m going to print off a bunch of the recipes in the next few days and get at it, making some new things.  And instead of spending time pinning more things till I’m too tired to actually do anything from those resources, I want to work at actually taking what I’ve got so far as inspiration, and work with it.  Obviously there are a lot of pins that are just there because they resonated with me for some reason – for example, ones that I have of cool rooms in houses…Our smallish-rented-condo isn’t suddenly going to expand to accommodate a bedroom the size of our living area, kitchen, and bathroom combined…And I’m certainly not going to have a book nook nestled under the-stairs-which-we-don’t-have-because-we-don’t-have-a-second-floor!  It’s just fun fantasizing about what I’d like if I could have it, or just what I like, without it having to go further than that.  Whoever came up with Pinterest: Genius!!

What are your favourite things to pin?


Lojo said…
Am I the only one not addicted to pininterest? Obviously I need to try harder!

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