A cozy indoor day

Now that I’ve got the same full-fledged cold as Andrew’s got, I think it’s a good thing we just stayed in today and had a pajama day.  (Well, I’m in pajamas…he’s naked, as per his usual!  Clothes are so restricting, after all!)

We spent the morning watching shows, having a bath, and colouring.  Then we read some books, and now we’re watching Alice in Wonderland (the 1985 version with Natalie Gregory, of course – for me there is no other version!) and eating popcorn.  I moved our rocking chair to be in the center of the living room and I’ve got Andrew set up all cozy on there, to make it feel like he’s at the theater.

I love that he’s so into Alice in Wonderland.  I watched it when it first came to TV in 1985, and my parents taped it so I used to watch it on VHS ALL.THE.TIME.  I loved it!  I could pretty much recite the entire thing word for word.

This is only the 2nd time I’ve put it on for Andrew, but he already seems to have remembered so much of it from last time.  He genuinely seems into it, and I love that.  It’s a major perk as a parent to show your child something that you yourself loved as a kid, and watch them take it all in.  I also love that I get to re-watch a show that I can’t help but still enjoy all these years later.  Next I am going to start playing the Faerie Tale Theatre movies for him!  I think he’s at the perfect age now to enjoy them.


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