Calling all Burnaby moms and tots!

I’ve been doing some research on things to do with Andrew during the week.  I really want us to get out of our usual routine a bit, and get out there exploring Burnaby more.  When he was more in the baby stages, we were pretty involved with a mom and baby group that we’d join for meet-ups each week.  It was a great way to meet people and get out doing something different.  Unfortunately everyone we met lives in the west end/Coal Harbour area of Vancouver, and we’ve since lost touch.  I really want to meet other moms-with-young-kids in our general area so we have some people to get together with regularly again.

It’s hard feeling so isolated at times.  I do have friends that I talk to, but we’re living in different areas and don’t have cars, so it can be tough figuring out a time to get together that works for everyone and isn’t complicated by ten thousand bus transfers (not to mention people's different schedules).  I’m finding it increasingly difficult to find new friends – it seems like people already have their group of friends and I don’t feel like I fit in.  Or I meet people and we get along fine but we don’t necessarily have all that much in common.  I really want Andrew to have a group of friends that he can play with on a regular basis.  He’s pretty good now with sharing and playing nicely with other kids, so I want to help him experience more of those opportunities.  I know it will be easier in the spring/summer when we’re getting out to the parks and there will be kids at the playgrounds again.  But even that poses difficulties.  In all honesty, and this is not at all meant in a racist way by any means, but generally when we’ve taken Andrew to the park, it’s rare that the other kids/parents speak English.  It’s how we find it around here, but it’s how we found it in Coal Harbour as well.  People are either speaking Asian languages, or European.  I can recall MANY a trip to the park that felt socially awkward because we were the only ones speaking English, and no one seemed to want to communicate with us – that or they couldn’t.  I don’t have a problem with people speaking their native languages, but at times it does bother me a bit because I feel like it prevents us from the possibility of getting to know each other.  Especially when we live in the same neighbourhood and go to the same parks, it would be so nice if we could have conversations together, rather than feeling as isolated at the park as we do at home.

I hope that made sense, it wasn’t meant to be offensive, as if people shouldn’t be able to speak whatever language they want to.  I just…really want to meet some new friends that have a similar lifestyle and show interest in getting to know us, as we would with them.  It seems like such a simple thing, but even with the millions of people living around us, it can be so hard to find.

It’s also hard given my personality type.  I’m not very outgoing, I’m quiet, I don’t have the gift of the gab.  Obviously once I get to know someone and I’m comfortable with them, I relax more, but the process of it all can seem like too much sometimes.  It’s so hard to meet people!  I’ve always been somewhat anti-social, and I don’t feel the need for a hundred friends or anything, just a couple of people would be awesome!  We do have some friends we get together with sometimes, and one couple did just have a baby recently, so we’ll have more in common with them as time goes by for sure.  But my goal is to meet people who have children in Andrew’s age group, so he’ll have some playmates.  That’s my current new mission – even if it takes me completely out of my comfort zone – I’m going to do it!

I wish it was ‘easier’ to find places to take a 3 year old for fun activities.  The indoor play areas in our area…aren’t in our area at all.  It would take about an hour at least to bus to any of the cool play areas I’ve researched.  Or community centers – I don’t see anything in a ‘drop-in’ type of category for young kids.  Downtown there seemed to be a lot more options that way.  Here I feel like it’s daycare/preschool or nothing.  Maybe I should try to form my own group and see what happens…


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