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My boy is officially THREE

Andrew’s birthday turned out…OK.  He said he enjoyed himself, I guess I’m just glad he was turning 3 and not 8 or some age where he’d have been disappointed by our lack of doing much.
James and I weren’t feeling great so we took turns napping while the other one played with the boy.  Andrew loved all his presents, and it was cute watching him and his dad put together the Caillou treehouse, which was a proven hit right off the bat.  Unfortunately, in a bit of a rage later in the day, Andrew accidentally broke it…We couldn’t believe it!  He’d only had it for a few hours!  It’s most likely fixable but it won’t be as sturdy as it would be unbroken.  He sobbed and sobbed after doing it because he realized what he’d done.  So I told him a story about something I broke as a little girl when I was in a similar rage-state, and I told him how much I regretted it because it was something I loved.  He asked me to tell him the story a few times over.  I’m not sure if he really gets it yet or not, b…

Out with the old, in with the new

Over and done with

My birthday boy

Moving forward...

Bad timing

When I was a kid, I considered 10:34 my ‘bad time.’  I often had trouble sleeping (some things never change) and it often seemed to happen on nights when I couldn’t get to sleep, I’d look at the clock and see it was 10:34.  It sort of made me panic – basically if it was 10:34, I felt as if I was doomed because I wasn’t going to get enough sleep, and I’d inevitably feel sick going to school the next morning.
It has kind of stuck with me, and to this day I VERY OFTEN happen to look at the clock and it just so happens to be 10:34.  I don’t consider it late like I did as a kid, so I don’t tend to get worked up about it, but I notice that particular number and I sometimes wonder why it is that I see it so often.  Most days, I’d say.  Sometimes in the morning AND at night!  It’s really weird.  I doubt it means anything, but it’s strange nonetheless.
My ‘new’ bad number isn’t so much a time but just the number itself.  It’s the number 11.  One isn’t great either, I guess because two of them a…