Xmas decor

We completely decorated for Christmas tonight.  I KNOW!!!  I don’t think I’ve ever decorated this early – EVER, in my entire life.  I didn’t really want to, but I did want to see what our new tree looked like…so I thought Andy and I could just put that together and just let it be a tree with its fibre optic lights but no decorations for another week or so. 

I figured that plan would work, because Andrew couldn’t possibly remember about decorating a tree, after all he was just shy of 2 last Christmas!  But, of course, he is too smart for me – As soon as the tree was up, he said, ‘Let’s decorate it…NOW!’  He whined till I caved, and almost in the literal sense because I had to go down to the dungeon (aka our storage unit) and rifle through to find all the Christmas boxes.  LUCKILY I had it pretty well organized and knew where all FIVE boxes and bins were…

I didn’t know which one the tree decorations were in, so I brought everything up rather than going through it downstairs.  Of course, once it was up here, we were in full decorating mode.  After dinner we got to it, and even James was getting into it!  I was happy to have his help because I got him figuring out all the extension cords and that sort of thing, which to me is the boring stuff and to him is probably more interesting than placing ornaments on the tree. 

Andrew LOVED decorating the tree, and he got the hang of it pretty quickly!  Some of them he had a hard time getting to stay on the branches so he would tell me where to place them.  It was fun going through the decorations with him.  Once the tree was full of ornaments, he became obsessed with the little village box and he kept asking me when we were going to open it.  I decided to put it up on the mantle and I’m SO glad I did.  It looks so nice.  Andrew chose where all the little people should go, and helped me put ‘snow’ around the buildings to hide the cord for all the lights.

It was a fun process, and helped keep me focused just on the task we were doing, which was great.  Still some work to be done but there’s plenty of time before Christmas for that!!  Even though it’s really early to be decorated, I’m embracing it.  It looks so cozy in here, and it’s so nice to have the lights up and be able to enjoy them.  Why not, right?  I still can’t believe Christmas isn’t all that far off, but now that we’re decorated I can’t help but really feel the spirit of the whole thing!


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