Voting and playing outside

It was voting day today (for local government) so we decided to walk to our polling station because it was such a nice day.  It was at an elementary school about a 15-20 minute walk away, so we figured Andrew would enjoy playing at the school playground after voting.  He was antsy when we were voting so I let him help me join the lines to make the arrows for who I was choosing, so he felt included.  So you might say that my almost-3 year old voted for the first time today!  lol  In reality, he has to wait another 16 years.
It was VERY cold out (by our wimpy west coast standards, I know, I know!  I think James said it was about 3 degrees when we were out so I know it could be much worse, but still!)  It was sunny but just very chilly.  We were all bundled up, but Andrew in particular had his teeth chattering so I bundled him up even more in my scarf and James gave him a pair of gloves so he went around the playground holding his hands up in the air because the gloves were too big.  He had fun though, in fact as we were heading home he said so!  It was a cold outing, but nice to get out for some fresh air and check out a new playground for the boy.  He got up on the highest part of the playground and said, ‘I’m the king of the castle, and you’re the dirty rascals!’
Now I’m enjoying listening to the crackle of the fire and the silence because Andrew is at his grandparents house for a few hours…Aaaahhhhhh!


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