The urge to purge

I know I go through phases where I say this, but I really feel like getting rid of a lot of stuff.  The problem is that even though I have the urge to purge, actually doing it is a whole other story.  I need someone to go through everything with me and kindly but firmly tell me to part with this or that and make it hard for me to say no!

I love everything I have, but I know there’s a lot that I really don’t need.  Sure, I’d keep certain things for sentimental reasons, even if they’re impractical.  But, for example, I HATE how cluttered our closets are.  We have far more storage space here than in our last 2 apartments, and yet I managed to fill it all up – how does that happen?!  Although I just remembered that a big reason for that is my parents’ move and me ‘inheriting’ all the stuff I’d left in my old room in Nanaimo, as well as a lot of their stuff that they were getting rid of…

For good reason, I feel the need to scale back.  I also feel right now that while sure I can find importance in every little thing, most of it doesn’t matter much at all when it comes right down to it.

When I was helping sort through everything in the house in Nanaimo for the big move, I got rid of some of my childhood things that I never imagined getting rid of.  I think about those items from time to time, but it doesn’t really bother me that I gave them up.  Sometimes it’s just time to let go, and ultimately it’s just ‘stuff.’  It just adds to the clutter, and clutter is something I don’t need or like!

I want there to be space in the closets.  I want everything to look well organized.  I feel like I always have the best of intentions to have things looking so nice, but it always seems to fall apart.  I mean, our place is CLEAN, but some of the nooks and crannies just don’t feel tidy enough.  I need to remedy that.  But I need HELP!  It’s hard to convince James to help me with these projects because he just sort of rolls his eyes like, ‘Here we go again!’ because I’m on one of my tangents of wanting to change things up.  I guess I can’t blame him, since it’s not really on his radar to care about that sort of thing.  I need something along the lines of a ‘Clean Sweep’ crew to come in and take it all on for me!  I would love for designers to come in and see the way I organize things and offer me more appealing solutions. 

I think cleanliness, or a desire for neatness, is actually a bit of a problem for me.  It sometimes prevents me from being able to fully relax.  I always feel like there’s more I need to be doing to keep on top of it all.  Is it actually possible to get everything totally under control and ALWAYS keep it that way?!


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