Reading blog stats - help, please!

How do you read your stats for blogger?

For example, I’ve clicked on the links for some of the ‘traffic sources’ and I’m a bit freaked out by what I’m seeing.  In particular, naked-people youtube videos, which seem inappropriate to me.  Isn’t that just telling me where someone was when they then decided to go to my blog next?  Or is there more to it than that?  I want to leave my blog open to all readers, but at the same time I want to keep myself away from potential bad seeds that don’t need to be spending one more second on my blog, please and thank you.

Let me know if you know more about this stuff than me, perhaps I’m a little more behind technologically than I thought but I just don’t know these things!!


Lojo said…
Don't worry about this! If you see a shadyish traffic source in your blog stats, just ignore it, and don't click the link. I had this problem when I was using that blogger account last year, and I realized that some spam and pornish sites do this (I'm not sure how) so you, the blog owner, hit their site out of curiosity (or horror), and it increases their website traffic. Same old shady, internet crap, but nothing to get concerned about. <3
Elizabeth said…
Ok, good to know - thank you! I did click a few of them since I was trying to figure out 'who' they were - but they're always the same sites so I will know which ones to keep away from now! I'm just glad it's not an actual person reading my blog who is associated with those sites. Which maybe is ignorant on my part because obviously there are people out there out watch porn who I would still associate with - it just seems creepy to me given what I write about, that they would go from that to this! So I feel better about it now, knowing it's 'just' shady ol' disgusting spam!!
Elizabeth said…
Oops, typo! - (I meant to say 'people out there WHO watch porn'...) :P

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