O Christmas tree!

Yesterday I bought us a new 4ft(ish) Christmas tree – and, keeping with our tradition, it’s fibre optic! 

James and I bought our first tree the year we moved in together (1999) and it was a very small, maybe 2ft fibre optic tree.  It lasted 10 years, and last year we got a new one to replace it.  About the same size, also fibre optic.  But after we set it up on a table, Andrew, being that he was still just a baby (we’ll blame it on that!) was very curious and he pulled on one of the ornaments and sent the whole thing flying to the ground.  After that it always made a loud clicking noise as the colour wheel turned inside.  I can’t stand noises like that so I had figured we’d have to replace it again this year.

Now we have a ‘proper’ tree that we’ll actually be able to put presents under!  I’m excited about it, and I have a feeling we’ll be putting it up sooner than later because I really want to see how it looks.  I also know Andrew will be excited about it.

I guess you could say ‘I won’ in the sense that we eventually agreed to go the fake tree route as opposed to getting a real one for the first time this year.  James didn’t like the idea of having to clean up all the needles that would inevitably fall all over the floor, and I just flat out think getting a real tree is a nuisance – especially since we don’t have a vehicle for transporting one, and then we’d have to figure out a way to get rid of it after Christmas too.  I can’t help but love the tradition I had with my family growing up, of getting the big tree box out and taking out the pieces and setting it up.  That’s my version of going to some place in the woods and choosing a tree to cut down!  I know once we do have to get rid of our fake tree, it’s not good for the landfills, but I don’t think cutting a tree down for a couple of weeks enjoyment is a better option.  Also, a decent fake tree can last a long time – the one we had in my family was at least 20 years when it was replaced!

Anyway, I’m kind of considering setting it up tonight…I know it’s kind of early though.  I had thought we’d wait till Dec 1st, then I was thinking Nov 25th since then it’s one month till Xmas…Now here I am with 6 weeks to go thinking it might not be the worst idea…LOL  I don’t want to decorate it yet though – I think with the fibre optic lights, it will look pretty enough as it is.  We’ll see!  Now to rearrange some stuff to make the tree fit in our already-filled-up space!


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