Momma's cuddle bug

Last night as I was tucking Andrew in to go to sleep, I thought I should remind him that he’d be going to his nana’s in the morning.  I like to give him head’s up on things that are happening, whether it’s Thursday and therefore ‘nana day’ or we’re going somewhere else, I like to talk to him about it beforehand.  As adults, we’re used to having schedules or at the very least having a calendar in our mind’s of what day of the week it is, but it’s different for little ones!

So I said, ‘By the way sweetie, you’re going to nana’s tomorrow morning.’  He pretty much had his eyes closed and was ready to fall asleep just before I told him.  As soon as he heard the words he opened his eyes and looked at me and said, ‘But I will miss you.  I will miss you soooo much, Mommy!’  Then he burrowed into me, gave me a kiss, and hugged me.  He was fine with going in the sense that it’s his Thursday routine, but he was sincere in saying he would miss me while we were apart.

Last weekend I wasn’t feeling up to socializing, so James took Andrew to visit some family friend’s on his own.  When Andrew came home, he said he had a good time, but ‘I missed you when I was there, Mommy.  I needed you!’

Awwwww!  I have to admit, I feel a tugging on my heart strings when I hear him say these things, because obviously I don’t like him feeling sad because he needs/misses his Momma!  But it’s also so very heart-warming to know how much he loves me.  He has always been very attached to me, more than anyone else – definitely a Momma’s boy.  But he has been extra needy since he lost his little brother or sister.  I find it amazing how intuitive he is, and how at just 2 years of age he can think, well, if the baby had to go away, I might have to go away, too.  I’ve explained it to him numerous times that it’s a totally separate thing, and that there is NO WAY he is going ANYWHERE because I couldn’t stand to be apart from him for any length of time and he knows it!  I think he gets that for the most part, and he does accept it…but he still shows signs of extra neediness toward me.  He’s obviously getting better since he asked if he could go stay with his grandparents last weekend!  No, actually he didn’t ASK, he basically TOLD US he was doing it!  Still, he’s my little cling-on, and while of course I want to promote his independence (he is very much his own person so there really are no worries there!), I have to admit I enjoy cherishing this time where he is all about his Mommy.  He’s my little cuddle bug and while during his most hyper hours of the day I might be thinking oh my GAWD I need a break from this!, ultimately I love every second of every day that we spend together.  I’m particularly loving how he is so affectionate and quick to tell me he loves me, misses me, or likes something about me.  Or other people, too – the other day he said to my mom, ‘You are soooo pretty!’  He’s the sweetest little boy on the planet!


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