It's Christmas time in the city

My Photobook project arrived today, but I wasn’t home to receive the package so I’m going to pick it up tomorrow.  Fingers crossed it printed the way I’ve envisioned it!  I look forward to seeing the finished product and getting them wrapped and ready for Christmas.

Every single day now Andrew asks me, ‘Is it Christmas today?’  We decorated way too early, obviously!!  I keep having to tell him it’s not even December yet, so we’ve got a ways to go.  Tonight he asked me again but he was just being facetious, I could tell by the smile on his face.  He then added, ‘We’re getting closer to it?!’ 

Tomorrow I’m going to work on getting the Advent calendar ready.  I plan on making an advent calendar for next year, one we can use traditionally each year thereafter.  I was going to make one for this year, but then my plan was instead to make a blanket or something for the baby, like I did for Andrew while I was pregnant with him.  Thank gawd I hadn’t started on that before I lost the baby.  I was actually planning on going to Michael’s Craft Store later that week to pick something out. 

Back to the topic at hand though (see how easily I spiral downward?  It doesn’t take much).  I bought an advent calendar at IKEA for this year, and I say ‘for this year’ because I highly doubt it will stand the test of time…or, Andrew’s grabby fingers!!  It looks like a big carboard-y Santa so at first glance it looks like it would be sturdy.  But the little doors you open up to find a treat each day are just flimsy paper, so I don’t see it lasting with the way Andy will rip at them.  That’s OK though, it was only $12, and I think it will be fun just for this year.  I got an assortment of chocolates and little things to put behind each door.  It’ll be fun to see Andrew’s reaction to it, and interesting to find out if he’ll be able to stick to only opening one door per day!

I remember last year I got him a Toy Story advent calendar, the kind that cost about $2 and have the fakest, waxy chocolate on earth in them.  He saw it in the bag I had it in, so I thought it was harmless to just show him the box.  (It was probably a week before December when I bought it, if I recall correctly).  I got distracted for about 30 seconds, looked back, and saw that he had figured out all on his own what an advent calendar was about, and he had at least 5 chocolates all stuffed into his mouth at once.  Priceless!!  He’s even smarter this year, of course, so I’m going to have to watch him like a hawk (read: insist one door per day and then hide the calendar till the next day!)

I don’t know if I’ll stick to the tradition of the advent calendar equalling chocolate heaven.  When I was growing up, my mom had made a real cool advent calendar that had ribbons for each day.  Me and my brother took turns getting to remove a ribbon each day, and we loved that tradition.  So simple, and we never complained that there was no chocolate involved.  There is always plenty of chocolate around Christmas time without adding to it with an advent calendar full!  But this year I am indulging since I didn’t end up making something of my own…I really want to work on that for next year.

I’m trying to keep my mind busy and focused on other things.  It helps in the moment, but I always go back to you-know-what.  Still, I do think Christmas is a great thing to help me keep my mind on other things.  I know it’s still a month and two days away…but I’m going to start downloading…er, purchasing…Christmas shows that I think the boy will enjoy this year.  He enjoyed his first two Xmas’s, but this one is going to be the best yet.  He’s learning how to sing Jingle Bells and it’s the cutest thing ever!  Only, I ‘accidentally’ started singing a different version (Jingle Bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg, batmobile lost its wheel, and Joker got away!) and this morning I heard him singing that instead of the real version…lol  Oops!


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