I miss the 1990s

I know a lot of people would scoff at the idea of going back to the early 90s in terms of fashion.  I’ve been watching a lot of Beverly Hills 90210 lately, and some of the outfits are absolutely ridiculous.  OK, MOST of the outfits are absolutely ridiculous.  But that’s just according to current times. 

I wouldn’t necessarily say that my fashion of choice would include teensy tiny midriff bearing tops…Maybe 90210 isn’t the best example of early 90s fashion.  Unless you’re as thin as the likes of Tori Spelling, it’s unlikely you’d wear some of the clothes from that show. 

But what I do like about that fashion era is the ability for women to ‘get away with’ wearing very baggy clothes.  I was born in 1980, so when I was in early high school there was a period of time when really baggy was totally in, even for girls.  I sometimes felt the coolest when I wore my brother’s jeans or plaid button down shirts to school!  So comfy, and at the time, so stylish.
I remember my absolute favourite shirt in about grade 8 was a Cross Colours t-shirt that had a map of Africa on it.  It was super baggy, of course, and totally on the cutting edge of fashion!

What’s so bad about baggy jeans, folded and rolled, with slouch socks and a big baggy shirt on top of it all?!  Don’t forget to put your hair up using a scrunchie!  The more vibrant the colour, the better!

OK so maybe it seems insane to go back to that, but I just wish women’s clothes were more comfortable, while ALSO being stylish.  Of course there are those who would argue that the super tight, unforgiving fashions of today ARE comfortable, but I beg to differ.  My maternity clothes are fairly comfortable, AND stylish…but regular people clothes feel so constricting.  Especially during that time of the month.  Cough, cough.

At least it’s winter so I can wear form-fitting clothes but hide somewhat in a sweater over top…

I think part of my issue right now is that I’m uncomfortable in my body more generally.  The horrendous period I’m having (even extra strength Tylenol is doing nothing for the cramps – tmi? Sorry!) isn’t helping, but losing the pregnancy after I was just starting to get used to the belly I was getting…I just feel miserable in myself.  I don’t want to be wearing my maternity clothes, but my regular clothes don’t feel right either.  I’m not in a good place style-wise, which seems so unfortunate given I had just bought all new (maternity) clothes a week before I lost the baby.

I think at this point, I’d be willing to wear a baby soother around my neck as a fashion statement (soooo 1990s!) if it meant being able to have the comfortability of 90s clothes!


Lojo said…
Agree, agree, agree! And one more agree!
Anonymous said…
Fashion is becoming more comfortable, it's called uggs, sweatpants, and northface jackets.
Elizabeth said…
Anonymous, it's true that it's possible to find comfortable clothes in current fashion, although in all honesty if I was wearing a northface jacket with sweatpants and uggs...well...that's just not my personal style! I don't necessarily think certain clothing styles that are popular are necessarily stylish.

I guess I just preferred 90s fashion, what can I say!

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