Halloween success!

I didn’t have high hopes that Andrew would actually dress up for Halloween, given how indecisive he was leading up to ‘the big day.’  But then yesterday morning I said, ‘Guess what today is, Andrew?’ and his eyes lit right up when I said, ‘It’s HALLOWEEN DAY!’

All his morning tv shows were Halloween themed so he caught on pretty quick that it really was THE day.  He was pretty excited.  Suddenly he wanted really elaborate costumes – like a dragon!  I said, sorry buddy, but you choose from what you already have, it’s too late to go out and buy a costume now!

He was going to go as a scary bad guy but I convinced him that the mask wouldn’t be comfortable and was too big for him.  He’s so CUTE, I didn’t want him to be hidden behind a giant creepy bad guy face.  I would have let him if he REALLY wanted to, but I knew he’d want the mask off after 2 seconds and then he wouldn’t really be in a costume at all.

So it didn’t take much convincing after all to get him back into his Bamm Bamm costume from last year, which really made the most sense.  He could wear a warm sweater underneath and then his costume wouldn’t have to be covered up by a jacket.  The costume was cute on him last year, but he was too little to be going out trick or treating, so he really didn’t wear it for long.  So it was really cute getting him out in it this year.

In the early afternoon, we took the bus over to my parents’ house so they could see him dressed up.  People on the bus were so non-chalant about his cuteness, which I thought was a bit sad.  I just find people to be so un-reactive to much of anything at times.  It’s weird.  He looked ADORABLE!  The only reaction he got was an old woman quietly asking me, ‘Is today Halloween?’  I hope so – otherwise I’d kind of wonder why I’m hanging out with a little cave-boy!

We stayed at my parents’ place for a few hours, then headed home to get supper ready for James getting home early.  He came home an hour early so we could get out trick or treating as soon as it got dark.  I was doing OK through the day and then I had a bit of a meltdown before dinner.  I had a bit of a headache and Andrew was tantrum-y before James got home…It can be really frustrating when for me Andrew is screaming, crying, and then acting like he’s going to fall asleep (which we don’t want at dinner time, because then he’ll be up till midnight!) and then as soon as Daddy comes in the door, he’s all smiles and acting all chipper. 
I pulled myself out of the sadness though and managed to have some dinner, then we got ready to go out trick or treating.  We all ended up in costume, which was fun.  Well, I didn’t actually have a full costume, but Andrew finally (reluctantly) agreed to let me wear his cat mask.  James was a creepy old guy from a mask my family got when I was a kid – in fact I wore it one Halloween when I was maybe 8 or 9. 

Andrew was so adorable as Bamm Bamm!  There really didn’t seem to be that many kids out in our general neighbourhood, we only ran into maybe 10 tops the whole time we were out.  Maybe a bit more than that but I don’t think so.  Andrew was by far the youngest of any I saw, and he was charming the socks off everyone.  He said, ‘Trick or treeeeeeaaaaaaat SO cutely, I loved hearing him say it every single time.  He kept saying it while knocking on the doors and so some people missed actually hearing him say it, but then he’d usually say it again before we left.  He would also say, ‘Sanks you’ (thank you), sometimes without being asked to but sometimes we had to remind him.  He was overwhelmed but in a really good way, he just couldn’t believe his luck.  All his favourite things tied into one night – all the creepy stuff AND candy!  What could be better than that?!

And he was so bold, while he occasionally got nervous about going up to a door because of all the scary stuff set up in the yard, he was never fearful of any people.  He even went up to another trick or treater in a witch costume and said, ‘I really like your costume!’

One place was really decked out, and I ended up getting the fright of my night there!  We walked through this whole elaborate curtained off area before the front door, well for some reason I was the only one in there.  James said he saw that there was a real person in costume in there so he didn’t want to go in, but I thought it was all those machine type creepy guys, battery operated or whatever.  Everything WAS either homemade or store bought, and it was pretty elaborate, including a severed head hanging from the middle of the ceiling.  It was creepy without a real person jumping out at me!  But as I got up close to the front door, he (in costume complete with really scary monster mask) started talking and moving toward me – well I bolted out of there SO FAST!  It was hilarious.  I was laughing but my heart was sure beating fast!  Andrew wouldn’t go in after that, but the guy came out and put candy in his little bucket, and then took his mask off to talk to us so Andrew wouldn’t be scared.  That was definitely the best display we saw, although there were a lot of really good ones.  We were impressed with how creative people were with their decorating.  Andrew would tell the people, ‘I like your creepy witch!’ or ‘I like THIS one a lot!’ etc.  It was really cute! 

I got a little video of James saying to him at one place, ‘Are you going to go knock on the door?’ and Andrew saying, ‘No way, Jose!’  LOL

We knew it was time to call it a night when he started telling people he didn’t want the candy they were offering.  He had a bucket full already and he seemed to know what he had a lot of already, so he didn’t want to bother taking more.  It could come across as rude, but because he’s so little I don’t think people would take it that way, luckily.  One woman was putting candy in his bucket and he said, ‘No, not that one’ and he took it out and put it back in her bowl!

So we said it was time to go home and while he went on Daddy’s shoulders along the way home, he started talking about the night.  He said, ‘We went to aaaaaaalll the houses.  I’m kind of sad about that (meaning, that it was over), but I’m happy with what I got!’  LOL  Too cute.

It really ended up being a much more fun time out than what I had expected.  The weather was also perfect for it – cold, obviously, but clear and thankfully no rain, or we probably wouldn’t have gone out.  All in all, definitely a VERY successful first trick or treating experience for Andrew, and it got my mind off things for a couple of hours, which was nice.  I love celebrating holidays through Andrew’s eyes, he’s at the perfect age for Halloween because while he woke up this morning with a cheeky smile and said, ‘I want caaaandy!’ – it really wasn’t all about candy for him last night, he was really enjoying seeing all the Halloween décor and just getting into the spirit of things. 


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