For my Grandpa

Dear Grandpa (aka Gramps),

Hi, it’s Elizabeth, you know. Remember how I used to always say that to you when I called – usually to say I was on my way over to have a sleepover with you and Grandma when I was little.

It’s hard to believe that you died on November 2nd, 1994 – seventeen whole years ago. I can’t believe you’ve been gone for several years longer of my life than what you were here for. How can that be?? In some ways it feels like forever since I saw you, but in others it feels like it hasn’t been very long at all, which is why it just seems so hard to believe it has been 17 years.

I wish you were still here. I was just telling James how much he would have got along with you. You have a similar sense of humour somehow. I think you would have loved James because you would see how much he adores me, and how strong of a relationship we have. And it seems like such a shame that you didn’t get a chance to meet your great-grandson Andrew. You two would have got along every bit as famously as you and I did. I can just imagine the antics between the two of you! I just know you would have thought he was the most special little guy in the universe, which he is, and you would have loved and spoiled him, and created so many happy memories with him just like you did with me.

I’m sorry you had to go when you did. I was only 14, and I feel like I would have said so much more to you, and asked you way more questions, and got you to write things about your life down for me, if I had been older and a bit more wise myself.

I hope you know the impact that you have had on my life. You were one of the most important people to me when I was growing up, and I’m so glad that I have so many happy memories of all the time we spent together. Playing ‘set up’ with my little doll house, old doggy nice who was actually a hippopotamus, walking on the Umgowa Trail, all our trips to the corner store or times you took us out for a treat. Sunday dinners, our family trip to Hawaii, picnics at Rathtrevor every summer, the sleepovers, playing cards with you and Granny (who’s going to ‘win’ the drapes?!)  I love all the little inside jokes we had.

Thank you for being such an amazing Grandpa to me growing up. I love seeing Andrew with Dad because I can see this strong bond forming between them that I know all about, because I had it with you. I wish we still had it – I mean, we do, on some level, but I wish you were still here to enjoy everything with the rest of us. I know you’re with us, it’s just not the same as really having you here.

I think about you often, but thought about you a lot today. I’ve told Andrew about you before – it feels weird referring to you as ‘my grandpa, GG’s husband’ to try to get him to understand your connection to us. But when he’s a bit older I’ll start telling him more about you, like all the crazy stories you made me believe when I was little. Like how chickens lived in the crawl space and how you rode a dinosaur to school - up hill both ways of course, and in the snow!

I love you, Grandpa.



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