Fall back

The first night after we changed the clocks back an hour (so, Sunday night) Andrew fell asleep an hour earlier than usual.  SOMETIMES when he goes to bed an hour early (a rarity these days), he still ‘sleeps in’ with me in the morning, but I predicted that he’d get up an hour early on Monday.  I was right – at 10 after 7 in the morning I heard his little voice demanding, ‘Get UP!’

Luckily I slept a bit better that night than I have been lately.  Still not great, but better.  I didn’t get the ‘extra hour of sleep’ that they were mentioning on the news that I could get, though.  And I’m curious as to who would qualify for that?  Yes, we put the clocks back an hour, but other than when it’s light and dark out changing, I don’t really see how it changes much – ultimately it all evens out, no?

Except for Andrew waking up early…that doesn’t feel evened out!  (Oh and a side note, here – he got up an hour early this morning, but he went to bed last night at his usual time rather than an hour early!  Go figure).

I know it’s only been 2 mornings so far, but I’ve been getting up significantly earlier, considering how little sleep I tend to get to begin with.  And so I end up with an extra hour to deal with through the day, which means instead of feeling like oh my gawd where IS he by 6pm even though James never gets home till 6:30 anyway, I’m feeling that way by 5.  Oh, who am I kidding, some days I feel that way by 10am!  HA!

At least Andrew has been really good for me – yesterday we had lots of fun playing games.  He particularly likes playing tag, so we chase each other all around the condo and he laughs hysterically.  At one point as I was chasing him through the kitchen, he said, ‘I just LOVE this game!’  He’s really into telling us all the things he loves lately.  ‘I don’t LIKE that, I LOVE it!’  As James put it last night, it seems impossible but he really gets cuter and cuter every single day!


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