Enjoying the silence...

I slept till 10:30 this morning because Andrew went downtown today.  I’m back to taking Sleep-eze every night, (for 3 nights now) but I’m OK with it because I plan too be off everything again in a few days.  So a little more mild drug abuse isn’t a problem to me.  I told my doctor I was doing it and he just nodded.  LOL  I know I could be doing far worse!  I’ve been finding the past couple of nights more tolerable sleep-wise, because when I’m groggy from the meds I can fall asleep SO MUCH FASTER, even after Andrew has woken me up.  Whereas without a sleep-aid, I lay there awake for so long each time I’m woken, so that I never end up feeling the least bit rested.  I just wish the Sleep-eze didn’t make me feel so groggy in the morning, because it kind of defeats the purpose of getting a good rest.  Oh well, it gets me through the night anyway!

I got a bunch of Christmas decorating done, little things that I wanted to fix or change about what we’d done the other night.  I really love the tree, and all the lights.  Our place is dark enough through the day that I can have the tree on and it still looks pretty, although of course it’s much brighter and nicer to have all the lights on once the sun’s gone down.  It adds the perfect element of cozy.

I made a banana cream pie for our dessert tonight.  And we’re having tacos for supper.  My mil and her significant-other-slash-supposed-husband-she’s-divorcing (at this point, I have no idea what their relationship is, but he’s visiting her from Halifax for 2 weeks so I gather they’re still together?  I have my opinions on that but I won’t bother to share them here) are coming over for dinner.  Serenity now!!  Maybe it’ll be fine, and I hope it is…But I just don’t feel like dealing with the social visit this is going to entail.  I won’t have to worry about talking much since they both tend to fight for the limelight and never tire of hearing themselves speak…but still…it’s exhausting just thinking about it.  Toss in the fact that the mil hung up on James this morning when she called at 7:30 and he told her it’s not OK to call our home line that early and…well…it’s hard to say how this visit will go.

Truthfully, at the moment I’m just enjoying the silence and solitude today has brought me.  I wish I could just wrap myself up in a blanket and zone out for the rest of the evening by myself.  I don’t mean that I don’t want to see Andrew or James, because I do, it’s just…it’s so nice and quiet right now and I want to be able to enjoy that for longer!  I can’t underestimate the joy of my boy running in to greet me though.  He’s always so happy as soon as he sees me when we’ve been apart for the day, he gives me hugs and kisses and tells me, ‘I missed you Mommy, did you miss me?’  Awwww.  I do love how much my boy loves me!


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