Eat your veggies!

I used to ‘celebrate’ on November 1st because I became vegetarian on this day in 1997. My form of celebration was making somewhat of a more elaborate meal for dinner. Today I remembered that day that I decided to ‘go veggie’, but I didn’t feel the need to celebrate. Mainly because at this point, I can’t believe that I was ever NOT a vegetarian. It’s such a huge part of who I am, I just couldn’t imagine eating animals. Not for any self-righteous reason or anything, I just honestly don’t think of them as food. When I see a meat product, it no longer registers as ‘food’ (and hasn’t for 14 years, but more and more as time goes by). It seems like a whole other lifetime when I was a meat eater!

Despite not feeling the need for a celebration of it, for some reason I am making a note of it being my ’14 year anniversary’ of vegetarianism. I can guarantee you, I’m a veg-head for life!


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