Ten things...

1. Tomorrow I go for my first midwife appointment.  I’m both excited and nervous.  I expect it will go well – I’ve met quite a few midwives and honestly have never come across one I did not like! – but I know I’ll be comparing it to my first experience with a midwife who is very special to me since she helped through my first labour and caught Andrew.

2. I can hear a cat outside meowing a very terrible meow.  It has gone from angry meowing to more painful sad ones.  I’m wondering if a raccoon or coyote is defeating it.  I know, I always think the worst…maybe it’s just another cat it’s fighting with.  But all I know is it does NOT sound good, and it makes me breathe a sigh of relief to know that my two kitties are HOUSE CATS and safe indoors with me right now!

3. Today I did a huge shop at Walmart, our first big stock up of the month.  Actually, I am hoping that it will see us through the month, with the only things having to be bought being milk, bread, yogurt, fruits and veggies as they run out.  I am trying a new method of budgeting for food because last month got screwed up by not doing a repeat visit to Walmart and ending up at stores like IGA out of convenience.  Not good.  I really want to try harder this month.  We did better last month than the month before, but I want to get it down further.  I spent $299 today and I got SO MUCH STUFF, I was actually in shock that it only cost what it did.  It was a big shop, and the cart I was pushing around got so heavy that it was making a weird clicking sound near the end.  I was almost struggling to turn it down the isles!  I actually found myself tuckering out much easier and faster than my ‘normal.’  Usually a shop like that would have no real effect on me at all.  But I was SO tired from it, I had to sit down for a while afterwards before I could even fathom unloading it from the car, bringing it inside, and putting it all away.  I know it’s because of pregnancy, but wow.  I forgot how tired I could get and seemingly so easily.

4. We’re having a family Thanksgiving dinner at my brother and sil’s this year and I’m really looking forward to it.  It’ll be nice to be together as a group because we so rarely do that it seems, and it’ll be fun to play with the bulldogs!  (Smelly D, since I don’t talk to my sil a lot these days, I haven’t asked her yet about local bulldog breeders - I will make a point to ask her when I see her this weekend!)  I know Andrew loves the bulldogs so there will be some cute ‘cousin’ bonding time taking place!  AND my bro and sil are doing most of the work, which is AWESOME – they are even making a Tofurky for us veggie lovers, yum!

5. I found out yesterday that when Andrew was basically away from me for 3 days last week – not nights too, but still, during the day most of those 3 days felt like a long time to be apart – apparently he was extra needy-seeming for me by the 3rd day.  Usually his Nana doesn’t like to admit that Momma’s #1, but I did get the impression that she noticed he was pining for me.  Not that I want my boy to be sad missing me, but it kind of warmed my heart to know he was feeling the same anxiety as I was at points throughout the day!  I missed him SO much, the time to rest was awesome but being in baby boy withdrawal totally sucked!  I cherish all the hugs and kisses I get from him each and every day!  And the cuddles and smiles and just listening to him gabbing away.

6. Due to Andrew’s obsession with all things Halloween, this morning I introduced him to The Nightmare Before Christmas.  I don’t know how appropriate it is for a 2 year old, but he sure loved the opening sequence.  He had me play it over and over again at least 20 times, and watched it on repeat again in the afternoon when Papa was looking after him.  He LOVES it!  Now to get him to watch more of it…before the opening sequence starts to totally grate on my nerves.  Right now the music is totally stuck in my head…on repeat, of course.

7. I really want to try cooking new things, but at the same time I enjoy sticking with the things I am good at.  I made a pot of minestrone style soup last week and James loved it so much, every time he had a bowl of it he raved about how good it was.  I enjoy perfecting a recipe, or at least ‘perfect’ to my husband’s taste, and preferably mine and Andrew’s, too!  I CAN cook and I do cook, and I also enjoy baking, but I feel like I’m not the greatest cook because I really don’t do well with experimenting.  I also find food tends to taste better when someone else has made it.  That’s not true all the time, but I think because I primarily make all the meals every day, I am sick of whatever it is I’ve made before I’ve even tasted it sometimes!

8. Rather than expect that I WILL be as sick in this pregnancy as I was in my first, I’ve decided to be more optimistic and consider the possibility that I really MIGHT not fare so badly this time.  I’ve thrown up, yes, but no where near as much as I did last time around.  And in the past several days, I’ve either not taken Diclectin at all or just once a day and I’ve pretty much felt fine.  I was practically deathly ill by this point last time.  Here’s hoping it doesn’t decide to kick it into high gear now that I’ve jinxed myself saying it won’t…

9. Speaking of jinxing one’s self, I reeeeeeally hope I don’t get jinxed on this one…In fact, I’d rather be throwing up than screw this one up for myself, seriously!  What it is, is that I haven’t been finding spiders or bugs in the house AT ALL the past little while.  Which is crazy because they were ALWAYS in here before, every few days or MORE often I would be finding a spider or some silverfish, even centipedes!  With being on the ground floor with essentially forest area nearby, there is everything and much more than my nightmares ever could have shown me.  I even had a spider nearly drop down onto my shoulder from the ceiling once.  And a few weeks ago when James got into bed, there was A SPIDER IN IT.  (And you wonder why I don’t sleep well, EVER, seriously?!)  Anyway, I have NO IDEA if it’s a coincidence or not, but I started using this really awful smelling Vim stuff for cleaning the laminate flooring.  Which covers the majority of the condo, every room aside from the hallways and bathroom.  I really detest the scent, and was considering stopping using it because it makes me feel slightly ill to smell it.  (It wears off entirely after about a day and is totally fine, but for that time I have to have the door open regardless of the weather to air it out as much as possible, I hate it that much).  But I’m starting to wonder if maybe the spiders and bugs hate it too?!  And that’s why they’re not bothering me as of late?!  Because otherwise, isn’t now THE time for creepy critters to make their way indoors, since it has cooled off and they are seeking out warmer, dryer accommodations?!  Again, it could be a fluke, but I don’t know…It seems like quite a coincidence if you ask me.  So I think I’ll continue using the stinky stuff till I start spotting crawlies in the condo again, and I’ll know it was just a coinkydink.

10. I get to (hopefully) hear baby’s heartbeat on the Doppler for the first time tomorrow…I’m pretty excited about that!


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