A Social Sunday

Andrew slept through the night last night till almost 6:30am!  I couldn’t fall asleep till 3am due to my crazy uterus (I don’t know how else to put it, it was humming like a neon light – I think it’s just weird expanding-feelings and they’re so obvious at night that it keeps me awake!)  I did, however, sleep from 3am till James got up with Andy at 6:30, then I fell back asleep and slept till 9.  So I felt like I got a pretty good sleep over all.  Could have been better, obviously, but it wasn’t terrible.  The boy not getting up and bugging for juice or yogurt or just not wanting to sleep made all the difference, I must say!

Today we went downtown, first to the Party Bazaar store on Main Street.  AWESOME store for all your Halloween needs!  I wanted to encourage Andrew to get a NEW costume for this year instead of being Bamm Bamm again.  Did I mention he’s decided to just go in the same costume as last year?!  Which he can, it was big then so it would still fit him now.  But it’d be more fun to me if he did something different!  Well out of all the millions of costumes he had to choose from, he chose a cat mask.  That’s it.  It’s pretty cute, though not at all what I would have picked for him.  But ultimately it’s Halloween, and it’s his choice, so that’s what he got.  So looks like he will be going as a cat this year!

Andrew LOVED looking at all the Halloween stuff, he’s going to be so sad when the stores put it all away after the day-of!  Once we finally got him out of there (kicking and screaming because he didn’t want to leave) we headed downtown, got some lunch from Baguette Time, and headed to a little party at English Bay.  Our cousins P&H and co and P’s parents and brother were there, and James’ bro and mom showed up a little later.  P&H have 2 girls, 4 and 3, so it was a perfect play date for Andrew.  They had a lot of fun running around and playing on the beach, and it was great to catch up a bit with this part of the family.  They’re so easy to get along with and we seem to have a fair bit in common, or at least there are always lots of things to talk about.

Then we went to the mil’s for a short visit, and headed home.

We had a great time and I particularly enjoyed spending time with the cousins etc.  But I have to comment on something that got on my nerves…I would love to make the post 100% positive, but, well…how boring would that be, right?!

So my grievance is as follows…

At one point Andrew and the girls ran off toward the ocean so James went with them and H and a few others were talking about how much bigger Andrew is getting etc.  They mentioned how they think he looks so much like James.  This sometimes irks me when people say he’s a spittin’ image of his father, although it doesn’t bother me as much as it used to.  I think Andrew looks very much like his Daddy, but I definitely see how he looks like me, too.  When I look at pictures of myself as a little girl, I can particularly see the similarities.  I don’t mind people saying he looks like James because I want him to look like his Daddy, obviously, I just also like recognition for him being mine I suppose!  But that’s not my grievance, since ultimately it just doesn’t bother me like it did when he was a little baby.

What bothered me was something my mil said (surprise, surprise).  She is so good at coming out with these little zingers that I bet NO ONE ELSE would pick up on, but I see them as digs at me for sure.  She said, ‘Well, his personality is an absolutely perfect combination of those two’ and by ‘those two’ I figured she meant James and ME.  Nope, she was pointing at James and his brother!  WHAT????!!!  First of all, I don’t think he is much like his Uncle N at all.  And obviously my mil doesn’t know me at all, because Andrew’s personality is actually a lot more like mine than like James’, and I’m not just saying that because I WANT him to be like me.  In fact, my life would be so much easier if he was more like his Dad!  He’d want to sleep more and he’d probably be more laid back in terms of just wanting to chill and that sort of thing.  I was the one who, as a child, wouldn’t ever nap, didn’t want to sleep at night (I haven’t changed all that much, except that now that I’m sleep deprived I WANT to sleep at night, but I still have a lot of trouble achieving it!)  I was a little terror and into everything and bouncing off the walls as a little kid.  Andrew is totally following in my footsteps in all those ways!  James liked to nap, slept through the night, never caused a ruckus.  I just think to act as if I wasn’t even there and make it sound like not only does he look nothing like me, he also IS nothing like me!


Then again, perhaps I shouldn’t be so surprised that she doesn’t know what my actual personality IS, because she never really sees it.  I am different when I’m around her.  More quiet and reserved, perhaps a tad standoffish just from all the years of…what should I call it…torment?!  I am not myself with her because I’m not comfortable in her presence I guess.  So she might not see how much Andrew’s personality actually resembles mine, though I still think she could have gone without saying what she did.

Whatevs.  It’s not like I’ll lose sleep over it (that would just be silly!  And let’s face it, I’ll probably lose it instead over the pregnancy symptoms or Andrew waking me up in the night, HA!)  I just find it really annoying, like another strike against her.  For all her ‘efforts’ in making things better, while some things I do appreciate, there are always those things that make me cringe.

All in all, though, it was a great day. 


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