Happy Halloween

Two years ago today, Andrew took his first steps at 10 months old.  I can’t believe that was 2 years ago!  He was my little Devilled Egg that day, in his homemade (by Momma) costume.

Last year, he went as Bamm Bamm, (bought online) and while he wasn’t entirely cooperative for pictures, he wore his costume for hours and loved it.

He is at one of the cutest ages now for dressing up and being adorable.  BUT he’s also in his terrible twos.  So OF COURSE he is resistant to costume wearing this year!  We told him he could literally be ANYTHING…except a nudist – which is what he decided…’I’m going trick or treating NAKED’ he said…but yeah, that’s…inappropriate, and not happening!  His birthday suit is not a costume!

He had his pick of literally ANY costume out there, at various Halloween stores.  I was practically begging him to pick something, but all he would get was a cat mask that looks more like it should be for an adult, but whatevs, it was a start so we went with it.  From there, though, he refused to get so much as a TAIL to go with the theme of being a cat.  I don’t want to take him trick or treating with JUST a mask on, that’s not really a costume either!  But it’s a moot point now, since he decided he doesn’t want to be a cat at all now…

He MIGHT go as Bamm Bamm again – this morning I made enough progress that I got him in the costume for a couple of minutes.  The only way to convince him to dress up as Bamm Bamm, though, was that he liked the idea that he could hit me with his club.  Sigh!

It’s ridiculous because he LOVES the idea of Halloween, is obsessed with Halloween shows, loves pumpkins and skeletons and spiders and bats…But because he KNOWS he can only go trick or treating if he’s dressed up, he’s determined to go against the system!

We’ll see what happens tonight…It should be interesting…

Happy Halloween!


Lojo said…
LOL! That little shit disturber. I didn't know anti-costume protesting lil' ones existed! What a character. I am excited to see pictures of whatever you eventually smuggled him into. I'm sure he had a blast.

Thinking about you.

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