Death to the silverfish!

I was on my own today so I got a bit of sleep (after not getting a whole lot through the night), lounged some, and finally tackled some chores that I’ve been putting off.  I’ve just been so tired lately, it’s hard to find the get-up-and-go to get things done in my usual fashion.  I did a really good vacuum (said goodbye to all those dust bunnies that seem to form out of nowhere) and then washed the floors with the gross Vim stuff that I hate the smell of but seems to keep the bugs away!

Speaking of bugs though, of which I have seriously not seen in here for, like, a month, which is crazy (but I’m not complaining!)…I have found ONE that happens to be tormenting me as I write this. 

On the little wall beside Andrew’s bedroom door we have a picture up that has a little picture for each month of his first year.  One of his first ever baby pictures from when he was only a few minutes old caught my eye, so I went over to marvel at his first-year-cuteness.  I was even gushing out loud to myself about how precious he was (and is, of course) when…a SILVERFISH caught my eye.  IT IS ON HIS LITTLE FOUR MONTH PICTURE.  I pushed on the glass lightly and it moved, so it’s alive, just stuck in there, creeping me out.  Seriously, I feel all itchy and gross just thinking about it, and looking at it out of the corner of my eye is NOT helping.

I HATE SILVERFISH!  I can’t stand them, not one little bit!  As soon as James gets in the door I am telling him that after dinner it will be his mission to dispose of that creature without damaging the picture…Thank goodness for husbands, it is my man’s job to deal with grossness-factor for me.  Luckily, he obliges!

But, omg, what horror.  Looking at cutesy-wutesy baby pictures and then BAM! being hit by the nastiness of a bug like that.  It’s a shame because once that happened, I couldn’t continue on looking at the pics so I missed out on the adorableness of Andrew’s months 5-12.  Sigh.

I hate bugs and I don’t care if they apparently have a place on this earth and we ‘need’ them.  When it comes to something like silverfish, I must beg to differ.  We do not need them.  I would be much happier if they didn’t exist at all.  As much of an animal-lover-vegetarian that I am, I do not feel the need to protect the silverfish.

On another, completely unrelated note, I’ve been feeling pretty nauseous since early this afternoon.  Yucky nauseous.  Not that there’s an un-yucky nauseous!  I took Diclectin but it hasn’t taken the feeling away.  No throwing up, but just feeling grody.  Which sucks, but hey, it’s the pregnancy symptom I was complaining yesterday that I didn’t have, so I guess the morning sickness gods heard me whining about it and now I’ve been given the gift of sick.  And now that I’ve got it?  Yeah, I think I’d be OK without!  lol


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