Baby, baby, baby

Yesterday I had my first midwife appointment and it went really well.  Maybe even better than expected?  I didn’t really find myself ‘comparing’ the ‘new’ midwife to my old one, so much as I just felt comfortable because I had a pretty good idea already how the appointment was going to go having been through it all before.  I am with a team of 4 midwives who I’ll meet and get to know at least somewhat throughout my pregnancy, so I am pretty much guaranteed that one of them will be with me during my labour.  I really liked the one I met yesterday, and I think one of the other ones used to work at the clinic I went to when I was pregnant with Andrew and she actually came to our house once for one of the post natal visits, so that’s awesome that I may already know one of them!  I felt so good about the place.  I would never go any other route than with a midwife during a pregnancy – I totally recommend it.  Even if you love your doctor – I couldn’t imagine having a better family doctor than the one we have, seriously – I would still (and did!) choose a midwife for during pregnancy.

I had thought I would deliver at Royal Columbian Hospital in New West but it turns out the midwives at this group don’t work through that hospital as it’s out of their range.  So it would be either St. Paul’s in Vancouver or Burnaby General in (obviously) Burnaby.  I’ve decided I will register at both just in case, but my preference would be St. Paul’s even though we live in Burnaby.  Unless it was rush hour traffic, I honestly don’t think it would take that much longer to drive downtown, and besides that I KNOW I love St. Paul’s maternity ward.  I had such an amazing experience there with Andrew, whereas I know nothing about Burnaby General.  (If anyone knows anything about BG, let me know, I’d love to know if it’s considered a good hospital, in particular the mat ward).  So we’ll see what happens.  I’m a little nervous about the drive, either way, but yes to St. Paul’s…I remember the drive there like it happened 5 minutes ago when I was preggers with the boy.  I thought I was – and the drive was seriously MAYBE 10 minutes, probably less?!  We lived pretty close to there before.  So yeah…It’s just so hard to be sitting upright during contractions, I could barely handle it.  But we’ll see what happens.  The midwife I met with said since my labour was considered ‘short’ at 8 hrs the first time around, there’s a good chance my next one will be much quicker, and I might have to have a home birth if it comes down to it.  Not the end of the world, I know, but I made it clear that I would reeeeally like to give birth in hospital if at all possible!  FINGERS ARE CROSSED!

I asked if it was too early to hear a heartbeat and she said most likely but we could give it a try if it wouldn’t upset me too much to not hear it.  Because she said she wouldn’t be at all worried if we couldn’t hear it, since I’m only just over 10 weeks.  We didn’t hear it =(  I was a little disappointed, just because it would have reassured me that everything is OK.  Especially with the spotting I’ve had, which has been minimal but still has happened every now and then.  She assured me it’s TOTALLY normal and happens to tons of women and especially in first trimester, so here’s hoping it will stop altogether very soon since I will be in second trimester in a couple of weeks (wow, I can’t believe how fast time is going, though some days it feels so slow!)

I don’t know why I worry, must be natural hormonal worry or something.  I shouldn’t have anything to worry about, right?  I’ve never had a miscarriage, my only other pregnancy went beautifully, my son came out healthy as can be and then some.  I should have no worries, and yet…I think maybe it’s because I tend to put all my eggs in one basket (no pun intended, hahahahahahahahaha).  What I mean is, I honestly feel that if I were to lose this pregnancy, I would never want to try again.  I’d be so heartbroken because I do want 2 kids, but to go through all this again and be a total worry-wart more than I already am because of a miscarriage?  I just couldn’t handle it, being the person that I am.  I’d be a wreck, and that’s not fair to Andrew.  So I worry because I NEED THIS TO GO AWESOMELY.  It must!  Or else!  So it will, right?!  I really don’t have any actual reason to think it won’t, I just…worry.

I think, too, it’s because my symptoms are seeming kind of ‘easier’ this time around.  Tiredness sucks, but the sick doesn’t seem so bad at all.  Still taking Diclectin once a day if that, as of several days ago.  I occasionally might feel ever-so-slight as in barely-there nausea, or sometimes a smell might seem nasty to me when it normally wouldn’t.  But for the most part, no sick.  My midwife said yesterday I’m lucky because USUALLY second pregnancies are actually WORSE that way than with firsts.  And that was true for my mom, she was very sick with my brother but even sicker with me.  So maybe I worry because I was told last time around that being really sick means the hormones are doing awesome things for the baby, it’s just ME that suffers!  Maybe I feel like if I was suffering more, I’d know my baby was doing better.  Which is ridiculous, and I know lots of babies are born perfectly healthy when mom wasn’t desperately ill throughout the pregnancy.  I just know what I was used to before and figured it’d be the same so even though in that sense right now it’s ‘better’, I worry as to why it’s NOT the same, or ‘worse’ as the midwife put it.  Although honestly, I was so sick I don’t see how it could get WORSE sick-wise!  So maybe that’s why I’m being given a break here this time around?!

Anyway…I’m partway through my 11th week now.  Here’s what’s happening with baby (Biggie Smalls) right now:

Baby measures 4 centimetres from crown to rump, and is considered a fetus rather than an embryo (since week 10 I believe that’s the case).  He or she has all his or her parts, from tooth buds to toenails (omg, how CUTE would his or her toenails be!)  Baby is kicking and stretching, movements so fluid they look like water ballet.  Fingers and toes have fully separated. Now the fetus's main task during the next six months will be to grow larger and stronger until it can survive on its own outside the womb.

We see Biggie Smalls on ultrasound in about a week – I CAN HARDLY WAIT TO WITNESS ALL THOSE CUTE LITTLE BABY PARTS IN MOTION!!!!!


Anonymous said…
Aw, this is SO exciting! Makes me almost want to be pregnant right now too ;) Except, not THAT much! Soon enough though! I sometimes get the itch, hahaha.

Glad to hear everything went awesome with the midwives! We've only got 4 here, and the waiting list is insane. Some women can't even GET a midwife it's that crazy. Sad!

I had minor spotting with Cade too for the first.. 12 weeks probably. But everything was fine. And I felt great pretty much my whole pregnancy (sorry!) People told me "you have to wonder if your body can just tolerate the hormones more" and then I also read that it could mean not so great things. So, really, I would try not to worry! I know it's hard not to, but try not to, k? For you and Biggie Smalls sake! :)

Looking forward to aaaaaaaaaall these pregnancy updates, yay!! xo
Smelly Danielly said…
What I've always wondered is the process that happens after you find out youre preggers. Ok, so you take the test and it's positive, then do you inform your doctor? How do you get in touch with midwives. Is it something your doctor sets you up with or something you do on your own. Does your doctor essentially lead you through all the steps of ppl to meet and places to go or is it pretty much up to you?
Elizabeth said…
Trista, I can't believe there are only 4 midwives there, crazy! Wow, I had no idea there are shortages, or at least I just never gave it much thought since we seem to have so many around here. Although not really right in the area where we live now, but still, it's not that bad to travel a little ways to get to a clinic and have a whole team of midwives helping out!!

It's good to know you had spotting to, just to actually know another person who went through that and not just be reading forums about it online. I'm trying to just remain calm and positive - I think I went through this same thing with Andrew because there's just too much info out there that scares you about miscarriage and whatnot. But the odds are not against me personally, so I know I have to just take a deep breath and get on with things!! And I'm in the 11th week so the chances are getting lesser and lesser anyway, yay!! I still can't believe I'm pregnant some days just because, WOW, this time next year I'll have an almost 4 yr old and a 4-5 month old - that's insane!! (In a good way of course!) :)
Elizabeth said…
Danielle, Probably about a week after I took the test and it was positive, I made a doctor’s appointment for a pregnancy test. With the way home pregnancy tests can work these days, you can find out you’re pregnant before you’re even late with your period, so it’s pretty early days! I felt like I ‘waited’ to go to the doctor, but he was surprised in a way by how early I came in, because the test they do (also just a urine test) shows a bit more accurately how far you are (with HCG levels) and I was only about 11 days pregnant…Although that made me almost 4 weeks along since you start from last period start date. It’s weird and confusing, or at least it was to me, especially the first time around!

Anyway, even though they don't do much for you right at the beginning (first ultrasound isn't till 11 or so weeks, and bloodwork thereabouts also) I think it’s a good peace of mind thing to go to the doctor early and do another test just to be sure it’s ‘really happening’ and then you can ask any questions you might have at the beginning. My doctor said he could help me find a midwife if I wanted him to, but it sounded like his guess would have been as good as mine because he didn’t actually know any. Some doctors don’t like the idea of midwives so I guess you never know how they’ll react if you say you want to go that route, but it IS your choice and luckily my doctor was really supportive of it.

I just went online and searched for midwives in the area. When we lived downtown, the group I went with didn’t come up in my immediate search and I went with a group in North Van in the beginning. I had gone in to St. Paul’s to check out the maternity ward and see about registering there for the birth when a midwife happened to hear me talking and introduced herself. Turned out she worked at the location I ended up switching to because it was SO much closer.

So I would say it would probably be more up to you than the doctor to find a midwife, because I don’t think they’re usually affiliated. But you could always ask your dr if he/she can help with the process if you felt more comfortable with that, or research online or ask people who’ve gone that route who they went with. I had no idea who to go with this time around since my last midwife moved, so I got in touch with her and she recommended the place I’m going to this time. I honestly have met probably close to 10 midwives and they ALL had the same outlook and demeanour and I would have felt comfortable in labour with any one of them present. I’m sure there are not-so-great midwives out there, like with anything, but honestly I don’t know where because I’ve never encountered one!! So that’s reassuring!

Let me know if you have any more questions about this stuff as time goes along, not that I have all the answers but I might be able to help!
Elizabeth said…
(And I've only gone with a midwife but I'd imagine a dr would be the same - once you've decided you're sticking with them for the pregnancy, they give you all the forms you need to fill out, such as for registering at the hospital etc - once it's an appropriate time to do so since obviously that's not necessary right at the beginning. And they set up your ultrasound appts etc and know all the right times for when all these things take place, so you don't have to worry about knowing all those steps on your own!)
Smelly Danielly said…
Thank you so much for all the info! I know I will have more questions when the time comes, and it's nice to know you're here :)
Anonymous said…
Hi Danielle!
With my doctor (if you go the doctor route) she wasn't affiliated with the midwives but knew a bit about the process.
Basically, she booked me in for ultrasounds, gave me requisitions for them and bloodwork, etc. She was really good actually - spent a lot of time with us at appointments, knockin' down all my fears from all the stuff I read online, haha, and answering any and all questions. They sort of guide you, but also, should provide encouragement for you to have an empowering pregnancy and birthing experience as well!

PS: I think you should have a babe. like. soon. ;) I looooove talking about this schtuff!
Smelly Danielly said…
Haha Thanks so much Trista! I love my Family Doctor and hes been really helpful with everything I have go through (Thyroid Cancer and all) so I really trust him when it comes time for le baby!

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