An article of support

I have to give a shout out to one of my best friends in cyber land, Lojo, for writing a piece on miscarriage, and how important it is to recognize the magnitude of its effects.  You can read the article here.   I really appreciate that Lojo took the time to put this out there on a site with no doubt much higher readership than my blog, and while I still very much wish that ‘miscarriage’ was not such a defining force in my life at the moment, I do appreciate having parts of my story mentioned in the article.  To be a part of raising the awareness we need in facing how prevalent miscarriages are, and how important it is to talk about how it affects our lives and feel supported, means a lot to me. 

(Of course, I would also encourage you to read her other articles and general writing on her blog , and directly on the website).

Thanks so much Lojo, I really appreciate that you wrote that article, as I’m sure far too many women are going to find themselves identifying with it, and it’s such an important topic to discuss.  I find it astounding that miscarriages happen as often as they do, yet when you think about ‘women’s health issues’ how often does miscarriage come to mind?  I can say for me personally, until a week ago it wasn’t even really on my radar.  It’s something no one really ‘wants’ to talk about, and for good reason, but it really is important to not ignore it.

And on another note, I promise to try really hard to start writing about other things on my blog AS WELL AS this current nightmare I continue to live through!  I really do need to put focus on other things, for my own sanity, and probably yours as well.  It makes sense it’s the ‘thing’ I need to talk about the most right now since it’s so fresh, but I also think I need to allow myself to think about other things too, since ultimately my obsessing over it isn’t making it any easier to get through…So maybe perhaps but no promises a happier, lighter post soon?!! =D


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