Working on the wardrobe...

Yesterday I got a pair of maternity jeans, as well as 2 new tops – yay!  I can wear stylish clothes now, and I vow to ‘let it be’ that I already have a baby bump at 8 weeks preggers!!

I mentioned to the woman at the store that I’m ‘only 8 weeks’ but she was like, ‘That’s OK, trust me, with it being your second you’ll be big – and even BIGGER – in no time!’  LOL  Umm, thanks, I think!!!

I don’t know why I have an aversion to showing it off, or at the very least just being comfortable with it.  As James put it, ‘Don’t you dare apologize for that bump, you’ve got our baby growing in there!’  He loves the baby bump already =)

I AM happy about it, and obviously very excited to have our baby in there…I think it’s just the awkward stage where I’m growing but not big enough for people to ‘know’ it’s a pregnancy belly.  I’m pretty sure it has got to be normal to go through this?!  Over all it’s not plaguing me or anything, I’m not THAT paranoid, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t on my mind!

BUT at least I have a few new clothes to enjoy, and I’m going out today in search of some more.  Sans Andrew this time, thank gawd…He owned the maternity shop we went to yesterday, completely took it over.  He was even wearing one of the pregnancy ‘bellies’ that they supply in each change room…He was loving it!  LOL


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