The truth is out...

I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not to share my ‘news’ here on the blog…And have decided after a very short debate with myself that I DO want to share it. 

(Drum roll, please).....
Andrew is going to be a big brother!!

It’s very early days, I’m only a few weeks ‘actually’ pregnant, but of course the whole confusing weirdness of how it’s all calculated puts me at around 5 weeks pregnant.  Very early days, indeed!  I know people don’t generally put it out there for all to know so early because anything can happen in the first 12 weeks.  I am well aware of that, and it does worry me to an extent, but I’m also trying to think very positively.  When I was pregnant with Andrew I went to a doctor (who I never went back to after the initial visit, incidentally) and she told me I was very unlikely to carry the baby to term, it would most likely end in a miscarriage.  Other than severe morning sickness, I had an amazingly healthy pregnancy and zero complications, natural birth, healthy baby, and we’ve never looked back.  So I am looking at it that while, yes, you never know for sure – I am thinking positive that my body is going to do everything just right!

The reason I decided to share the news so early is because I’m of course obsessing over it, so it’s hard to blog without mentioning one of the very most important things to me right now!  And also, I decided if I was to lose this pregnancy (let’s seriously hope it doesn’t come to that) I would want to be able to blog about how I was feeling about that, because obviously it would be a very difficult thing to go through and I’d need a place to get my feelings off my chest.  So it just doesn’t make sense to keep it quiet.  We’ve pretty much told all the closest people in our family over the past few days so it makes sense to be ‘making it public’ now (to the handful of people who read my blog!)  *That said, I won't be sharing it on Facebook for a couple of months yet!*

I actually took the pregnancy test a few days before I missed my last period, because I was feeling symptoms of being pregnant already.  I kept trying to wait as long as I could because the HCG levels need to be high enough in the urine for the test to work, and I know that…but it’s soooo hard to wait!!  The Clearblue test said it could detect pregnancy up to 4 days before a missed period.  I took it 3 days before it was missed, and it said I was 1-2 weeks pregnant.  I took the test on a Friday morning with Andrew right near me but oblivious to what I was doing.  I honestly expected a false negative – I was sure I was pregnant, but I didn’t think it would be able to detect it already – but lo and behold the word PREGNANT was staring me in the face.  I said, ‘Oh my gawd, I’m pregnant!’ out loud and I just couldn’t believe it!  I wanted to wait till James got home from work to tell him, but his mom was coming over for dinner that night and I didn’t want to be telling her at the same time as him, so I knew it’d be excruciating not saying anything for hours and hours…So I ended up telling James on the phone.  He wasn’t entirely surprised since we were trying to get pregnant, but he was so happy.  Maybe a bit surprised since it literally took no time at all – I only stopped taking the pill about 2 weeks before getting preggers!  Awesome, I am apparently super fertile, which is GREAT when wanting to have a baby…but it’s going to be a little on the scary side when baby#2 is born given I seriously don’t want more than 2 kids!  (Pray for me that I’m not carrying twins!!)

Our families are really excited, of course, and we are over the moon.  I think 3 ½ years age difference will be great between Andrew and his sibling.  I just hope Andy warms up to the idea of being a big brother.  I know he will in time and he’ll be awesome at it…But he was constantly asking me for a baby sister, then I get pregnant and he goes, ‘Mommy, Andrew no want brother or sister.  Just Andrew, Mommy, and Daddy!’ and now every time it comes up, he whines about how he doesn’t want a brother or sister!  All normal, I’m sure, we’ve just got to hope he gets on board with it in 9 months time =)

We weren’t really expecting it to happen right away per se as I know it often takes several months at least to get pregnant, but I’m not-so-secretly happy that it happened right away.  I really didn’t want much more of an age gap between our kids, and also if I hadn’t conceived I would have started worrying that something was wrong since we were doing everything ‘right’ for getting pregnant – LOL.  OK, I’ll end that right there.  But suffice it to say, we are exactly where we want to be right now, and I couldn’t be happier.

Although I’m starting to feel symptoms that are forgotten about when not pregnant…First of all, I guess because it’s my second pregnancy and my stomach is already stretched but I have seriously already started popping out and I’m not even kidding!  I haven’t been eating at all differently, get the same exercise as ever.  Yet my pants do NOT fit.  I actually wore a pair of my pregnancy capris today from when I was preggers with Andrew.  They’re a bit too big since obviously they’re more for further along in pregnancy, but they’re more comfortable than trying to squeeze into the pants that fit me PERFECTLY just a few weeks ago!  It’s actually kind of crazy, I swear I would NOT be able to hide being pregnant from family if I tried, because they’d be able to see the bump there ALREADY!  Craziness.  And I’m starting to feel some nausea, lots of headaches (though I’m hoping that’s just an early pregs symptom, since I remember with Andrew it happened in the first few weeks and then I had maybe 1 headache in an entire year or more after that, which was awesome).  I also have a super heightened sense of smell, which so far hasn’t caused any weird aversions, but I’m sure I’ll get there in time!

It’ll be interesting to note how different and/or similar this pregnancy is to my last.  It’s funny how there’s certain things you remember but so much you forget.  I’ve actually found myself looking through my What To Expect book again just as a refresher on where I should be at around now!

Wow, so another baby.  Two kids!  Some days I still think I’m crazy to want this, but I know it really is what I want.  Stay tuned for many pregnancy #2 updates, as without a doubt there will be many!


Chandra said…
I read your posts backwards and had to come back to this because I was really confused haha... WOOO HOO that's awesome! Yay fertility goddess :) lol

Wishing you all non puking days and Andrew extra nap times for you! :)
Anonymous said…


NOTE: this comment is going to be full of caps and excitement.


OK so now that I have experienced the whole pregnancy and birthing and parenting thing, I cannot contain myself when other people are pregnant, etc!


you guys must be sooooooooooo happy and excited!

I'm so happy you're getting a midwife too, considering I know how happy with your m/w you were! that's the route we're going next time too :D

check out (cool videos and info, etc!)

anyway, I hope you aren't as sick as you were when you were preg with Andrew. :( that wasn't cool, but sounds like you're prepared and armed with Diclectin if you need it!

sending lots of good vibes and strength to you ALL!!!!

Andy is going to be a big bro, and you guys are going to be parents of TWo! wow!

i totally owe you an e-mail like, ANY day now. I'm terrible. expect one soon...

Lojo said…
Congrats on the bun in the oven! :) Much love!
Smelly Danielly said…
AHHH!!! CONGRATS!!!! Thats so exciting!!!

I feel the same way as you about talking about being pregant at an early stage on my blog. I don't think I could wait 3 months to mention it! As well, if I were to go through anything difficult, such as a miscarriage I would want to talk about it on my blog.

But I hope everything goes aweseome for you! Can't wait to read all about it!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations Liz, I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to meet little Andrew's baby brother or sister 8)

Love, Sara

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