The things he says...

Andrew never ceases to amuse me with the things he says.  He’s constant entertainment, that kid!  I love the way toddler minds think, in particular, of course, my boy’s!

For example, about a week or so ago, James and I were both up with him at 6 in the morning.  Usually Andy is all about his Momma – ‘Mommy do’ continues to be a favourite statement of his – but on this particular morning he wanted DADDY to take him back to bed.  I said, ‘What, you don’t want your Mommy?!’ and he said, ‘No, Daddy’s a fun guy!’  LOL  I said, ‘Oh, so Daddy’s the fun one now, is he?!’  Andrew was heading for the door to his bedroom, but he turned around to face me, paused, put his hand up in the air in this sort of declaration pose that he often does, and said, ‘Daddy’s bornin (boring) sometimes, but right now he’s a fun guy!’  James and I both burst out laughing, which of course threw Andrew into hysterics.  He LOVES it when we think he’s funny!

My dad always has some sort of mints on him, usually tic tacs.  Andrew thinks of it as a treat to get a mint (or two, or three) from Papa EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY SEE EACH OTHER (which is quite a lot).  (He rarely eats the mints, as he finds them too ‘spicy,’ but he likes hoarding them nonetheless!)  The other day, Andrew ran up to Papa and said, ‘You have mints?’  My dad replied, ‘What do you think?’ and Andrew said, ‘You have mints!’  It’s the way he says it that makes it so funny, if you could hear his tone you’d know what I mean.

Last night Andrew and I were talking about what he should be for Halloween.  For the longest time he said he wanted to be a witch.  So I told him last night, we can get you a witch costume for Halloween.  He said, ‘I caaaan’t be a witch.’  I asked, ‘Why not?’ and he replied, ‘Because I don’t have a broom!’  LOL  Then he decided he wanted to be a pumpkin….no….a bat!  No….a skeleton like Skeletor!  No…Spiderman!  No…Superman!  No…Lex Luther!  I told him he could be any of those characters he wanted to be (well, Lex Luther might be a bit boring/hard to know who he was!) and he said, ‘No, I caaaan’t be any of those things!’  I asked, ‘Why not?’  And he said, ‘Costumes are too expensive!’  LOL  I don’t know where this kid gets this stuff!  I am more than happy to go out and buy him an awesome costume because after all, Halloween comes but once a year and besides, we can re-use his costume during the year playing dress-up!  I told him, ‘It would be expensive to have ALL those costumes, but you can get one of them!’

He really seems to LOVE the concept of Halloween – and I told him how he HAS to dress up if he wants to collect on the candy aspect of the holiday.  He looked pretty thrilled for a moment there when I told him about going door to door and saying ‘Trick or Treat’ and getting treat after treat dropped into his very own treat bag! 

But he also seems content to just look at all the Halloween stuff at the store and enjoy it all from afar.  We were at the store today and I said, ‘Let’s get something!’ because I thought it’d be fun to have some Halloween décor, but nope, my boy is showing me how to be frugal!  Which is actually awesome, because I can literally take him ANYWHERE and he doesn’t freak out to make me buy him things anymore.  He just likes to look.  If I suggest getting something he says, ‘Put it back, Mommy.  Get it later, maybe next time.’  That kid is priceless!!


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